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I think that McDonalds should finally buy up all of Burger King's stores and put them out of their misery once and for all. Burger Kings sales and quality and taste of food has been declining drastically for many years now, and McDonalds could probably buy up the whole company for a song.

Then, they could sell some of Burger Kings's sandwiches, only done better McDonalds style. Don't like the gross so called "flame broiled" hamburgers from Burger King? Why not give the McDonalds style Whopper a try. Made just like the whopper to look at, but the patty is raw inside!

Hey, whaddya know, this really is something. They could bring back the original Big Fish sandwich that Burger King stupidly made real small and they could do the new Big Fish just like the old Big Fish looked, only with Tartar Sauce that has secret ingredients in it to make it out of this world delicious. In many area, the Burger kings are located right next to McDonalds, so they Burger Kings that McDonalds would purchase could be used as an overflow seating area when the main"restaurant" becomes too overcrowded. And McDonalds could have have two choices for soda pop in it's "restauraunts": either you could get coke the easy way from the McDonalds soda fountain, or you could get Coke the complicated, frustrating way through the Burger King/Coco-Cola freestyle machines which usually will give you everything under the sun except for coke.

McDonalds could probably buy up all of Burger King's store for the bargain basement price of 100 Million Dollars. Hey, McDonalds probably makes that much every day in profits.

Then, they would have gotten rid of one of their biggest competitors. Burger King used to be the king of Burgers, Now they Are The King Of boogers!

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May A

We received 2 Whoppers with uncooked / raw edges and got really sick recently. I (vaguely) remember when Burger King had great salads, Chicken Tenders vs.

Nuggets, better fries (and I recall liking the Chicken sandwiches) ... I totally agree that Burger King quality, ingredients and service has drastically declined.


I don't think that they want them. They have their hands full already.

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