Middletown, New York

my name is dedra long I used to work at the Manchester store and I tried to get back on but they wouldn't hire me back because one of my husband nease works there I am not no relation to her any more because my husband is dead and I like to know why I cant get hired back on that is descreamation to me and also the stroe in dinning area was very dirty there was food all over the floor and under tables and the tables was dirty and also the pop machine was all over the floor and counter it was a very bad mess and sticky to and I told the lady about it and she said thank you and all she did was swept a little and went back behind the register and didn't fished her job that was to be cleaned and she also messed up on my orders to so I think yous better look in to this store it was very dirty and I got a sandwitch tonnite it was dryed and cold and wasn't made right and the mayo was hot and that is a good way a getting food poising so check in to this and hope you will hire me back thanks dedra long

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

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Perhaps the real reason they are not hiring you is based on your lack of education, judging from your spelling and grammar you never made it past the third grade.


may she is posting a bit of sarcasm!

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