My husband went to the Burger King on Western Avenue in South Bend Indiana to pick up a sandwich for his elderly aunt. The Restaurant Manager Kim was very Rude.

Its not the first time either. I told his Aunt to call CORPORATE and complain. She used my phone and made a complaint. You can't complain to the District manager Michelle due to the fact that they are BEST FRIENDS.

They go on Vacations together and do things together. Well a few minutes after the Aunt made the call, the district manager called my phone and left a voice mail to call her. I'm like WTF?? Well, I was an employee at that store and quit after a month.

Well, the district manage called me and wanted me to come back to the store so that she could talk to me...I was like WTF???

I've been there a month, you are at the restaurant every single day and NOT ONCE HAVE YOU ACKNOWLEDGED me, besides I quit so I have nothing more to say to you or Kim. So, tomorrow morning I will be calling corporate myself and have them get a hold of their district manager and tell her to lose my phone number!!!

Location: South Bend, Indiana

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