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You have a night shift manager named Brianna Acevedo at 3403 store number has been witnessed cussing out customers flicking them off challenging them to fights outside of the store and being very rude to employees if she's in a bad mood or arguing with her girlfriend. Also is using marijuana on the clock selling marijuana to a person named CJ who ive whitnessed buying and smoking on the clock and using marijuana with other crew members on the clock and I whitnessed her telling customers that the system is down so that she can take a break to smoke marijuana even when there is no problem with the system at all.

This normally happens after 11 if you need to look at the amount of cars coming through and sales you can see that it happens quite often. I also heard her speaking to somebody about how she's made reports on people so that nobody will pay attention to her and they'll be too caught up looking at them. This is not a good face to have for Burger King nor is it good for the young people that is trying to work here as their first job it's a poor example of leadership and very unprofessional something needs to be done before this grows more out of control and other people that are hardworking are sacrificed because this person wants to keep her job even though she's the one that's the problem.

I'm also sure if you roll back video from the digital video recorders you can tell what's going on they go out and sit in their car and it's on camera a white Mazda outside the back door they go sit in and smoke marijuana roll up their marijuana joints and hang out with friends and smoke marijuana just look at the tapes it's all there. I hope you can correct this problem before any other young people have bad example sets them or the company is caught with people using and selling drugs on their premises would be a very bad look on the news thank you.

User's recommendation: Don't try to get your food after 11 at this location because you most likely won't or you will get poor customer service or old food.

Preferred solution: She needs to be fired this person will continue no matter if you change the store she's at or position she holds it will continue not a good fit for Burger King.

Burger King Pros: Great coupon deals, Fast service.

Burger King Cons: Management, Rude employees, High employees.

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Gonna be some sweet sounds coming down on the Knight shift

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