Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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I am with the Davie United Methodist church. I was at a Burger King on University Road and met Angela Fox , who is with Corp.

I asked her how I can get about 30 to 35 $1.00 certificates for chidren. I am designating a Happy Birthday Baby Jesus party next Saturday, December 14, in the morning.. She told me she wuld send them to me, but nothing yet. Could someone remind her that they event is only 5 days away.

thank you.

She has my ministry card with all my information. Thank you again and God bless

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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I am always cautious when dealing with anyone who calls themselves a Pastor or a Priest. Sometimes they are wolves in sheep's clothing and are using the fact that they are ordained to take advantage people or abuse children.

Just as in Burger King gives off the allusion that it is a fun place with delicious food to eat, it is very often actually a disgusting & filthy place with sub-par food and rude & incompetent employees.

It is no small coincidence that sometime Burger Kings can be found inside of Greyhound bus stations. They are the perfect match for one another.

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