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I went to Burger King 330 5th Ave. July 30, 2012 at 8:41 pm i am served, ordered 4 junior whopper and Large sweet Potato fries.

Before being served at the said time i arrived like around; 8:35. At 8:41 they took the order. There's 2 cashier , 2 or 3 crew at the back. After two minutes, i saw them took sweet potato fries, and put it back to the frying container not knowing they will actually served me that.

Well, they were about to give me old sweet potato lady digging in the container of their so called fries and tried to put on top the burn once. At that point it was 8:53 and i said "Excuse, dont you dare give me that; i saw what you did.". The cashier, Gem 4/10 said ; what? I said i saw your crew put that back and on the fry again and burn and you are serving me?

She said nothing. So, i said just cancel; and so she came back to me all of it i said if you have junior whopper i ll take it; they said well the meat has to be fresh but its coming. So well said, but at 8:55 the manager is still missing and they served me my Junior whopper at 8:57p. Manager is still missing.

THe cashier; then just open cash and tried to give cash without any receipt because manager is nowhere to be found. One lady said bathroom after 5 minutes they said she is doing something; 9:05 i asked again, the other cashier said " she is doing something you have to wait. That cashier was looking at crew and telling crews i am too much. Well first of all; i am just human.

My patience has ending too. At 9:10 because we are in a rush i left store without seeing manager. I did not get receipt for the return because the manager is hiding. All the crew in that time at that place are all lazy and irrespectfule.

They were talking behind me but same as the manager. It is a SHAME!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Manager.

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