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I went to Burger King and order a combo. Her name was Mankinse she had facial piercing that was not good for business
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So in other words, you asked her out on a date, she turned you down and now you are bitter and butt-hurt about it.


You should kill yourself, you judgmental ***.


Since when did combos have names and facial piercings? It isn't really any of your business what kind of facial piercings anybody has.

If they hadn't been appropriate, I'm sure the person wouldn't have been hired.

You really have to learn how to not be so judgmental. It isn't appropriate for you to say what is good for business and what isn't.

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Burger King Burger

Burger King Burger Review

Went in to have a nice meal bc my kids love the place and even though the food was good it was ruined by a MANAGER named Andrea who was using the *** word the entire time!!!! She was even in the kitchen so everyone in the restaurant heard. My boy's should not be exposed to that in a family restaurant by a employee and who was a MANAGER none the less. How does the owner not know what's going on???? Maybe they don't care. It's a shame bc that's one of our favorite places but until the garbage mouth is disposed of we will NOT BE BACK!
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Burger King Burger

Burger King in Chicago, Illinois - Traumatized Employee

My wife has been working for Burger King for a couple years and has been an outstanding employee with minimal write ups. She has been going through such a traumatic experiance working for Burger King that she is questioning any future work and possible careers. Working extreme hours along with manidtory meeting, constantly recieving harrassing phone calls with verbal abuse while not at work and on her days off of work and being threatened with write ups and being fired over job duties that do not pertain to her job. A few months back, the phone calls got so back that I could personnally hear the entire conversation from ten feet away. I quickly took the phone away and dealt with the situation in a bold upstanding demeanor. The phone calls stopped for some time but have slowly started back up again and have prgressed from inoccent job related shop talk to being distressful, traumatic and verbally abusive again. To give another recent example. Yesterday, my wife had a Manditory Meeting from 9am to 1pm. With a 45 minute drive time home and another 45 minutes drive back to work. She was also scheduled to work from 5pm to 2am closing the restauraunt and cleaning for an hour that same day. Another Manditory Meeting was scheduled at 8 am the same morning. She is still at this meeting and it is 11 am now. She also is scheduled to work tonight from 5pm to 2am and close/ clean the resturaunt again. She has tryed talking to the General Manager and the District Manager and even Human Resources multiple multiple times! They are unwilling to cooperate, file reports and just keep passing her off to each other. She has also put in for several transfers to another resturaunt under BK corp and has been denied time and time again. I have stuck by my wife and have tried to help her through these difficult times but now it is just too much for both of us. She is now in her third tri-mester, pregnant, and it seems that all the want to do it is get rid of her by any means necessarry. After all the years of service this is the thanks BK Corp. has for it's employees.
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I agree. As a current GM the hours are ridiculous.

I have personally seen other GM's be verbally assaulted & have received those threatening phone calls about my position. ***, I received one of those phone calls on my birthday (which I had off) to let me know that if things don't get done I would be losing my job.

The best part is when you hear the technicians saying how the companies no longer want to work for burger king. A DEFINITE SIGN OF HOW BAD THE COMPANY HAS BECOME!!!

I once used to enjoy burger king now I not only dread burger king but my friends & family all hate burger king because of their treatment of staff.

I would NEVER recommend burger king as an employer to anyone.

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Burger King Burger

Burger King in Chicago, Illinois - Horrible Service

The Burger King on 3441 S. Harlem Ave in Berwyn IL has to be one of the worst run BKs I've seen, that is mostly white employees. They are almost all young women, so maybe that has something to do with it. They all have *** attitudes. It was raining and there was no one in the store or the drive thru today around 5pm. I walked in the front door. There were AT LEAST FIVE WOMEN behind the counter. Yes, count that, FIVE!!!!! I stood there for 30 seconds and was not greeted or told anything by any employee. It was weird and uncomfortable. One little Mexican girl actually came to the cash register and completely ignored me, not even a "one second please." TOTAL ***. So I left and ate somewhere else. *** BK and the *** who owns that place. I would be curious to find out the the *** that owns that place and tell him his restaurant sucks. If you want to see a ratty looking BK with bad service, definitely stop by.
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Burger King Burger

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