18655 Farm to Market Rd 1488, Magnolia, TX 77354, USA
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Burger king fm1488/1774 magnolia tx

Conducts illegal business practices

Stealing money from employees

We are filing criminal charges against

Bernice the general manager

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Somehow that doesn't surprise me. Any company that would do such immoral practices as serving up sub-par food of such low quality ingredients and treats their customer so rudely and disrespectful is capable of anything.

I look for them to go the way of kMarts, where they keep shutting them down due to lackluster sales. You just don't run a successful business that way.


To: DifferentStrokes4DifferentFolks It does not surprise me either. What i went through this company, was so so wrong too happen between customer(s) and employee(s).

While i was going into one of the stores, a employee was checking me out, while she licking her lips, and and trying too unzip her uniform. She had said, "Is it hot into here? Or is this guy?" "What an hottie. You should see the guy's order, I'm taking." Then she said, Maybe I'm done with his order, I would give him, more than his order.

Maybe I should check out too see if he has an huge..." I am always able too let things go, no harm, no foul. I am shocked. She: "Is that all you want? Me, I am like yes.

"hope your food is hard just like your." Then she spills my food and my drink onto all over me, while dropping it too my table, since there was an long line of customers picking up their food. Then she said employee: "Looks like he comes too." While she while trying too take an towel and trying too rub it into my private area. I was walking into the guys restroom. They gave me an new meal, for what had happened too me.

Onto my receipt. It said, The employee "My name is... call me, and i'm going too give you an ride you won't forget!" "You're so sexy and hot." At this time, I am pissed. I asked for the manager.

The Manager "Hi I am the manager of the store. How I am able too help? " Me, I am like: "Yes. I am an customer at this location, and just too let you know i am here too eat, I am not hear too be an booty call for your employee." "I'm not her boy toy.

I am not her piece of meat." The manager apologized. I was showing the manager too the store the receipt. The manager was shocked. The girl was crazy, while i was leaving, she was rubbing herself onto the doors and the windows too the store.

The cops had too arrest her, since she was doing too this the other male employees and customers. They found out she was out of her mind.

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