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How do i begin

Received a coupon in the mail and decided to use it for dinner. Whopper mealmfor 2 for $8.99.

Placed my order but i noticed on the screen it was not atbthe coupon price. I mentioned it but no response. I proceeded forward. Mentio ed it again to the female employee and no response.

She told me the same total. I asked her if she heard anything i said to her because she quoted the same price. I said it again my couon says $8.99 not $10.00

She said " well the system says $10". So i said where is your manager because thats not acceptable.

The manager came to the window and asked the employee if she keyed in the coupon code ans she said yes. I spoke up and said no she nevr asked me for a code. It went to *** after that. I got no thanks you, no smiles, ,no voice after that.

And no receipt!!!!! Then she slammed the window and turned her back to me.

I am so sick of these young ghetto *** kids that dont want to work. Im done with Burger King!!!!!!

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Why do they continue to call it the "Whopper" when the patty is wafer thin. Doesn't look very impressive to me! It takes two whopper patties to equal one like they used to be.

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