2624 Brodhead Rd, Aliquippa, PA 15001, USA
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My niece was there a few weeks ago and they had a mentally challenged kid working the drive thru...he was visibly upset and told her he didn't want to wear the nametag they had for him and kept apologizing to her they he had to wear it. It said "butt sniffer" on it...now wtf is that?

I've worked many years with mentally challenged and the experience for him is inexcusable!

It is the slowest place with some of the employees playing around on their phones, and fooling around....I'm just glad it wasn't me that day when that kid was working.... it wouldn't have turned out too well...

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Actually, I miss the days when I used to go to my local Burger King and get my delicious double whopper meals. But over time they just kept getting worse and worse, till ultimately, I just stopped going there because the food was real gross every time.

I WANT THE OLD BURGER KING BACK! The New Burger King Is Gross! Maybe the company should pay their employees more money and quit being greedy and keeping most of the OBSCENE PROFITS to themselves. Please Bring Back The Old Burger-King.

THANKYOUVERYMUCH! Bring back meals that would BE FIT FOR A KING to eat like they used to have in the old days!


You need to contact Corporate.


What a shame when they tell people that they have to contact corporate, instead of just refunding their money and/or giving them their food done right. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to make a good hamburger, for crying out loud!

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