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You know, Booger King food has the potential to be very delicious and. Satisfying.

When everything I done right. They used to be the bomb and I'd go there all the time, forsaking the McDonalds that is usually next door to them. But then something happened and they kept a messy, filthy "restaurant" and they greatly lowered the quality of their food. And I hate the browning lettuce that they put on their Whopper's.

I would request that they leave it off, buy I'm afraid that it will make the order to complicated for the dummies working there. I just wanna make sure that they don't put any ketchup or mayonnaise on it so I'll be able to tell if someone spit into my food. I simply remove the lettuce every time before eating my Whopper's. Booger King must have lost millions of dollars in business from people who simply stopped patronizing them because of their filthy "restaurants" and greatly declining quality of food.

And it qisses me off every time when they put stale buns on my Whopper's......and another thing, during the social Distancing, they had every other table with a sign that said "THIS THRONE IS OUT IF ORDER". ....I Don't want to think about the toilet when I am eating my "meal".


Preferred solution: Just make the food good like it used to be to b.

Burger King Pros: I like the surge soda from the freestyle machine, Booger king coupons that come in the mail, Good place for millionaires who want to slum it, Good laugh at the tackiness and sleaziness of it all.

Burger King Cons: Disrespectful incompetent employees, Bathroom humour about thrones being out of order, Browning lettuce u could get sick from, Goofing off horseplaying employees, Tables all have crumbs on them.

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Live by your “pros” to this establishment Mr Millionaire and slum it somewhere else boomer.

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