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Friday around 12 pm, I pull up to the Burger King in Wilmington OH. I go through the drive-through find what I want and when asked I say I would like the 2 burgers, fries, and coke for 3.49.

She asks if I need anything else and I tell her I need one more, (I made up my grandson's mind for him). She repeats my order I say yes and go to pull up and it sounds like she said: "that will be 7.79 at the window". I think for a minute and ask my grandson what the tax in Wilmington is? 3.49 + 3.49 = 7.00 so that would be 11 % tax?

wow. Wait the tax should only be on the pops. Ok, so tax should only be about .20.

That should be 7.00 and .20, so 7.20 and she said 7.79? So when I get to the window I asked what I was charged for saying it should only a little over 7,00 she turns to her screen and says "you got two speacials and 3.79 each...

I say no, those are 3.49 on your sign. She tells me well they didn't change it and the computer says 7.79, I told her I only wanted to pay what the menu board said, that is what I ordered from. She again tells me what the computer says. I ask to speak to a manager and she says well the manager doesn't want to mess with it.

So I turn my car off and say well I will just wait here until she does. At that point the manager comes to the window asks what is wrong and I tell her what is going on. She tells me that the computer says I pay 7.79 or I can just leave. I explain that she can not post one fee and when I get to the window charge me something else.

Again she says the computer says 7.79. I finally say yes I know what your computer says and that is fine, you can just charge me the 7.20 and she then tells me she is NOT going to make the register short and I can either pay it or leave. She closes the window, walks away and somebody comes out to direct cars to go in front of me to the second window. She has them block me in, I had to get out and ask a customer to let me out.

Yes at that point I did have to explain to the customers to watch what they were being charged because the board price is different. I come home, called Burger King customer service and explained what happend, the man I talked to said the manager should just have given me the difference .

He took my name and number and said the Supervisor will call within two days. It has been three and nobody has called.

Burger King you just lost a customer who has eaten at your stores at least 4 times a month for the last 17 years.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Drive-through.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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so sorry too hear about your experience. You should call the corporate office or go too their website too complain.

None of these customer has too deal with this employees that act like this. They should be fired.

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