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Good afternoon, can you please give me the phone number corporate? I am at burger King in Andrews South Carolina, we stood at the register for a while before someone came to take our order.

In the process of u telling her out order, she walked away 3 different times to do something else while we were given her our order. The 3rd time she walked away and when she came back I had to remember what I have already told her. We had a big order for 5 people. It's really rude when you are telling her your order and she just keeps walking away.

It took 15 minutes for us to give her a order because of her just walking off. One of the items we ordered was the Hersey chocolate shake. She gave us the shake and it had some chocolate squirted in the middle. It wasn't even mixed.

We placed our order at 3:31 and it's 4:00 and we still don't have all of our order. , Our burgers that we ordered looked very sickly. We should have left when she kept walking away while we were ordering. But we kept our cool.

Now that we see what our burgers look like, we definitely should have left. It's definitely not eatable at all! Our meat in our hamburgers are hard and cold. This is definitely ridiculous!

We were the only customers inside so it's not like they were slammed. So there is no excuse what so ever why we had the issues we had. I am disgusted! The cashier that was taking our order that kept walking off looked like she was high on something.

I can promise you I will never bring my family back to this burger king again! This place is slack, slow and they are rude! I would appreciate it if you would send me my money back. Our total was $34.46.

you can call me at 843-543-****. I need this handled asap. This is so ridiculous, we will not be back to this one is Andrews SC.

Thank you and have a blessed day!

This was a message that I sent to Burger King and I never got a response back. This took place October 22, 2022 at 3:31pm


Andrews sc 29510

I also have pictures

User's recommendation: Do not eat at burger king in Andrews SC 29510.

Monetary Loss: $34.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Burger King Cons: Poor customer service, Poor food quality, Horrible food and service.

Location: 401 East Main Street, Andrews, South Carolina 29510, United States

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You did not return the food, why do you feel like you are entitled to a refund.

@Sophiamarie Bza

You again. You got nothing better to do.

@Sophiamarie Bza

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Agreed. Hoping that this reviewer is okay.


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This review is being taken down. This review is fake


Still up!


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I'm so sorry for you and everybody else dealing with this monstrous troll. I'm hoping that you get this resolved very soon.

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