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My husband and I went to Burger King today at noon and ordered two whopper Junior,onion rings and drink at the drive thru. After we left and started eating the whoppers they were cold like day old, the meat was so skinny you could hardly see it, the tomato was bigger than the meat,plus you couldn't taste it.

We will never be back and will discourage others. You shouldn't to have 100 words to write a complaint. Your company must be trying not to get complaints.

I think most people can say what they in a few words. I'm very disappointed with everything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Whopper Jr Sandwich.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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My mama used to ride the Greyhound Bus back when she was young in the 50's and she said that she was so little that she would climb up into the overhead baggage compartment and sleep up there. She said that she was real hungry and went to get a tuna fish sandwich from inside the Greyhound Bus Station and she said that it was two pieces of white bread with a very very very very very thin layer of tuna salad spread on it.

She said that it was real expensice, like the equivalent of about $8 in today's money.

I would always laugh hysterically when she would tell that story, how she described what a gyp it was. I learned a long time ago not to ever buy any kind of food or drink from the Greyhound Buss Station, all of their food and drink is extremely overpriced and of very poor quality.


"I went to Burger King"

There is your problem. Stop going to those types of places.

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