Houston, Texas

This is the 3rd time second time I received such bad service at 2808 N. Sam Houston Parkway location in Houston, Texas.

The first time, I ordered a chicken sandwich, they gave me the sandwich with NO CHICKEN.

The second time, ordered a double whopper, they gave me a a single.

This time, I ordered the famous #1 whopper meal. Well attached pictures tell it all. $6.48 for a kid meal?

Should have gone to McDonald, I believe they still give out a toy with every kid meal.

Will never go back to any Burger King again. Better safe than sorry and stay with McDonald.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Next time check the bag before leaving the place.


It's really too bad you had that kind of experience. Did you take the time to find out who the owner was of that Burger King?

I would have made an effort to find him/her and let it be known what kind of service you were having. Franchised establishments can vary from location to location, as far as service is concerned. Did you notice who was behind the counter? Could you see the people in back, doing the order you put in?

Were they working like they should or were they "jiving" and laughing and carrying on? I hate to tell you but, I've had the same problems at a local McDonalds. I placed a very simple order. One McRib but, with very little BBQ sauce ( they usually put on too much) and a small fry.

Got about 6 cold fries in a mini container and so much sauce on my McRib, that the meat could not stay in the bun. It would slide out as I held it or tried to *** into the sandwich. The Hardees down the street got my order wrong too. They put in waaay too much mayo, ketchup and mustard.

Added cheese when I did not order any. Any they want $15.00 and hr.????


Ha you guys are all foolish, it is obvious that this person took the picture AFTER he pulled the burger from the bread and AFTER he ate some of the fries. However he does have a case with the whopper thing, he ordered a regular one and got the whopper junior.

First B

A whopper junior is actually that size, the same size as the big kid burgers.


fast food workers getting $15 minimum in seattle...McDonalds starting wage in williston north dakota is $17.50..and the basis for fast food workers getting more money has nothing to do with them thinking they are underpaid for their work,..they feel they are underpaid to live..i mean if your a secretary for a small..yet growing business..your going to have a decent starting wage and it will increase as the business grows...but fast food workers dont get full time,.and since they dont get full time,.they dont get benefits..yet get enough hours to keep them from taking a second job..so without benefits,..health wise your screwed..and not working full time theres noway you can live on the wage..so they are saying "fine..ill work without the benefits..and the below standard 40 hour work week..but i expect a wage that will sustain me and reflect the cost of living"...but then,..you have to ask yourself "if a company uses sawdust (cellulose) as a filler in their foods to save/make money..are they really going to be in a hurry to pay the people pushing the stuff a proper penny"?


I guess for you it isn't "Have it your way." Isn't it funny how minimum wage keeps raising yet none of these invalids that work in fast food can't seem to get an order correct? If they can't make a chicken sandwich right, how can they function at a real job?

@meathooks mcgee

The last time they raised the minimum wage was 5 years ago and it was a .70 increase so I'm not sure what your referring to when you say they keep raising the minimum wage. A wide variety of people work in fast food.

College students, blue collar workers needing a second job, almost anyone you can think of.

What gives you the right to judge anyone?


The customer is *always* the appropriate person to judge. Capitalism should determine the appropriate wage for all workers delivering any type of service.

Minimum wage is an artificial safety net, straight from the Socialism handbook. I'd rather have the restaurants invest that money in higher-quality products, not 3 kids that stand around talking to each other at the drive-through window, marking time until they can go home to sign up for Obamacare.

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