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I used to Patronize the Burger King in Ashland, Oregon alot back when I lived there. The manager would tease people about what they ordered and he acted like he was about 15 years old even though he looked at least twice that.

Once, when I was leaving the store after eating, a lady drove up in a real big Cadillac and tried to talk me into buying Burger King Food for her and her kids because she said that she didn't have any money. I was like "Ma'am, i'm homeless and living out in the bush!" They used to have pretty good food over there too. It seems like their whopper patties were bigger back then, I wonder why they are making them smaller now. Once, I held up a panhandling sign at the interstate offramp right next to this stores parking lot.

It said "McHOMELESS! GIMMIE A SUPER-SIZED MEAL, PLEASE!" and a gentleman whistled to me and he was holding up a paper bag with A Double Whopper with cheese Meal with King Sized Onion Rings and a king-Sized Dr.Pepper. It was the best Burger king meal that I ever had in my life. After that, I made a new panhandling sign that read "HOMELESS AND HUNGRY!


WHAT WOULD ELVIS DO?" This was one of the better Burger kings that I have ever been to. So if any of yall are traveling along Interstate 5 through Oregon, be sure to stop at Exit 19 and check out this Burger King.

Burger King Pros: Double whopper with cheese king sized meal i was given, King sized onion rings i was given, King sized doctor pepper i was given.

Burger King Cons: That the manager acted like a 15 year old idiot, Lady in cadillac trying to get me to feed her and her kids.

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Elvis died young from indulging in decadent, king-sized meals.

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