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We have been going to Burger King for the past two weeks almost daily. Usually my kids are the only ones there or the only ones in the play area, but there are others who also use the room (older and younger). Suddenly, today one of the managers first confronts my kids (9 & 11) to tell the boys that cannot play in there. Then then the manager comes to me and tells me that they cannot play.

I would not have a problem with that other than there are bigger kids than my boys that play in the structure, they should have come to me first as the parent, and, if you are going to enforce one rule, you need to enforce them all. It was not their place to confront the boys first.

One of the rules that should be enforced also is the wearing of socks in the structure. This rule is never enforced and when I brought it up they just brushed it off.

Because of this incident, I will no longer visit any Burger King restaurant. Especially the one at the corner of NW 185th and NW Cornell in Beaverton, Oregon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Manager.

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Also,the restaurant that we were at did not have a ball pit, therefore there were not any balls for anyone to be throwing. So whoever made that post under my name, needs to finds out what kinds of equipment is there before posting things.


To those of you who say that my parenting skills were lacking, you need to have been there to make that claim. I was watching my boys and had just told them to be careful of the other kids and to let any others who wanted to play with them play. They were not BULLYING anyone and I do not know who posted that under my name (or how) but it is not true. They are not allowed to bully without having some sever consequences, but not physical consequences.

My "little angels" are no angels. They get rowdy at times and a little rough, but that was not the case this day. They are not allowed to do so at any place there are other kids, especially younger and smaller ones.

As far as going there almost daily, the temperature had been the nineties during that time. I do not have an air conditioner at my home so I would take them there for a small treat and to play during the hottest part of the day.

I do take them to the park and I do cook real food for them. You don't live with us or know us, so don't presume that you have the knowledge about our family life so to make any judgments about it.

These boys are both considered "special needs" and have been before since I adopted them. However, I don't presume that they should get any special treatment at these times. I have left other establishments at times when they have "acted out". I have absolutely no problem doing so.


wow, i usually dont comment on these sites but this one shocked me. YOU ACTUALLY THINK IT IS OK FOR YOUR KIDS TO THROW THINGS AT OTHER KIDS?

what is this world coming to?

Just because the other kids don't want to be hit with the toys means they should not be allowed to play because they are "sissies"? I would do the same thing as the other parent.


Why don't you take your kids to aperk? You know, outside, fresh air, green grass. They might enjoy it.


I think the big problem here is that you are taking your children to burger king "almost daily" Hopefully other fast food managers will *** you off and you'll have no choice but to feed your children real food.

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