Minden, Louisiana
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Back in "The Good Old Days" when my older sister worked at Burger King, my family went through the drive thru to order some food while she working in the kitchen. E.T.

was real popular at the time, so when we got up to the speaker to order, I did my best E.T. impression. I said "E.T. Phooooooooooooooone Hoooooooooome!:" and my sister said that everyone in the Burger King started laughing real hard.

Burger King was advertising "HAVE IT YOUR WAY" back then. I didn't like it when my daddy would get whoppers for take out from them, because they would be soggy with all of the huge amount of ketchup and mayonnaise that they used to put on them?

Who eats a hamburger with so much condiments on them like that? It was gross and disgusting and I certainly wasn't having it my way.

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