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Went to the BK drive thru in Berlin, VT and things were going smooth. Worker handed us a big bag and we left. Got home to find that a double whopper and a chicken sandwich were missing and I couldn't go back. This is an unacceptable level of service and as far as I care it is really theft. I am sick and tired of weak, substandard service where workers and managers just don't care. Missing this much of an order is just plain carelessness. Thing is, every time they do this they stand to make money by reselling the sandwich. So if half the customers who get victimized never go back to correct it, BK comes out ahead so there is no incentive to change this.

Even more telling of how consumer friendly BK is, they have no portal on the home page where you can quickly file a complaint. I guess ignorance is bliss.

As a consumer the best I can do is to stop patronizing this gang of thieves and strongly spread the word that the service sucks and the food is not worth the paper it is wrapped in... assuming you actually get something wrapped and edible. The impact may be insignificant, but it is satisfying to know you pulled a prospective victim out of the thieving grasps of the Burger King simpletons.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Sandwich.

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Driving and talking. Is that legal in VT?

It sure isn't safe. Next time pay better attention.


You should have checked your order as most fast food patrons have no expectations of an advanced level of service.

I must also ask if this scenario is part of a sociological exercise to evaluate certain behaviors? I think I have seen similar forum posts


I agree, check you bags before driving away, if not, then call and let them know you were missing items.


Most people with half a brain would have checked their bags before pulling away, it's your own fault if this indeed did happen as you claim

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