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i have not eaten at any fast food restaurant in a couple years due to I guess what you would call ageing or metabolism changes where the food would give me cramps then run right through for lack of a better terms. Anyway, yesterday for some reason I got a craving for a whopper sandwich that just wouldn't leave me, I mean the whopper from what I remember was a good sandwich as far as fast food goes so i figured what the *** get one.

Well that was a bad move for starters I couldn't believe how much the price was for a meal at Burger King. I got a whopper with cheese meal large, and a breaded chicken sandwich, the total came to $13.38 which defeats the idea of a cheep meal all together. The bread was stale and crumbling, the lettuce had that old just about to sour taste, and I had to really study it to find any meat. The chicken sandwich literally made me upset for I know what the term like rubber means now.

I attribute that to the sandwich being microwaved way to many times or just plain long. The fry's were horrible, and I thought, "How do you mess up fry's? Well they did. To top things off the Coca cola tasted like plastic from the tubes it ran through on the fountain.

I just cant believe how bad fast food is anymore and i ended up still hungry for I threw the stuff away and a little poorer which is what made me so disturbed.

I guess I set myself up for disappointment. In any case No more fast food forever,

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Whopper Sandwich.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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total came to $13.38

so is their not a menu board w/prices?


Its good that you are not going to those places anymore. Noone should.

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