2700 Crittenden Dr, Louisville, KY 40209, USA
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I reported to the BK corporate office and local store #5 in louisville ky(Crittenden drive) that i had information on one of their hires. they do not do background checks and this 15 year criminal with a long record of Possession of stolen property(stolen automobile) {{redacted}} .shoplifting(banned from 2 local supermarket and pharmacy chains)..numerous other felony and misdemeanor charges,plus many appearances in the local CRIME TIMES newpaper was employed at this location ,handling food,money and interacting with unsuspecting employees and patrons families,children etc.

The manager was shocked when i gave him the information and stated 'he would not want to work around this person" and felt uneasy for his patrons and employees also! He informed me they do not do background checks and i informed him that the employee in question new that they did not have to offer the information about the hep-c. He stated they would do an investigation,in addition i contacted the Carrols Corporate office and HR dept and they stated the same. This career convict knows the law and has used it to their advantage for years..unjustly nothing will probably be done and it should be noted that BK has a long history of hiring these types!

As i work in the area i have alerted everyone i know and work with and they all agree that they,their families and friends will all steer clear of at least this BK!

we are using word of mouth to get the message out to the unsuspecting public until BK does something ,if anything! Buyer Beware!

Reason of review: criminal and diseased help being hired.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Burger King Cons: Inept hiring policy opens door to suspect help.

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I just want to have a decent meal, preferable very delicious. I'd rather have a good meal prepared by someone with a rap-sheet a mile long than by someone with no criminal history preparing my food. I'd rather have them working for a living making an honest dollar at Burger King than being out there ripping people off.


Wow are you a nosey pri ck. Maybe if you had a life you wouldn't worry about others


lets all mind our own business and maybe all the criminals ,cons, addicts,dealers and people who dont care will get evewrything their own way..... excuse me they already do!


Sounds like you should MYOB. Stay away if you like.


when i spoke to the corporate guy in charge of this store and area... he informed me that ....'they were in the process' of conducting and investigation and would not contact me with any sort of resolution...

as it was an "internal in house matter".........in other words they probably will do nothing the good guys loose another round to these career cons who live among us,give bad service ,spread disease and general badness thru out the world of those of us who strive to live by the straight and narrow!.... crime pays ! once again....

thanks BK!! we have spread the word of mouth about this place to everyone we can ..maybe that will put a stop to this crap or at least slow it down!

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