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On Friday I went to Burger King after dropping my children off with their deadbeat dad. I ordered one of your super value combos.

I noticed that the person next to me in line got a 25 percent discount. I asked him why he got a discount. He said because he was in the US army. I immediately went to the counter and asked if registered nursed get discounts.

The employee went to ask her manager. The manager came, and when he was me he was immediately disappointed and sighed as if talking to me is a hassle. He apologized and told me that they only give discounts to police officers, firefighters and those that serve in the army. I told him that this was discrimation and that I would not be leaving until I get a discount.

He apologized and again told me that the discount was only for the following people. I told him that if I did not get a discount that I would hold up the line. He told me that he would call the police if I did not leave the line. He was being very stubborn.

He was keeping other people waiting,(including innocent starving children). To top it off the other customers were angry at me when he was the one being selfish. They told me to get out of line because the were waiting. I told them that I am a registered nurse.

I am very important to the community, as important as police officers and firefighters and this was discrimation before I left. I then cancelled my order and left. He returned my money and sarcasly said have a good day.

Burger King needs to learn customer service. I feel that I should get the money back for the meal, plus free value coupons and a gift card for the embarassment I went through.

Also you need to change your policy which discriminates against registered nurses.

Just because we make much more money than your managers does not mean we need to be treated less than human. After all we are human beings as well, just better off than your poor paid minimum wage employees who deserve this low pay because of the poor way they treat others better than them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Manager.

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Judging from your attitude and sense of entitlement, you must be a negro.


I think that the registered nurse had an "attitude " even before she got there. Did she really have to say "deadbeat dad"?


In what world is a "registerd nurse" the same as a military official? Lets amke the math here:

Nurse- Works with people that are sick

Military Official- Works to keep the nation secure


The world does not owe you anything. You are not more important than others.


People in the Army risk their lives so that you can live your life abusing other's. You don't deserve a discount and you are the one holding up the line by demanding a discount.

Honestly the discount is not that much. You say you deserve respect yet you don't treat others respectfully.


Well I have seen your other letters and here is what I noticed.

1. You want special privlages because you are a nurse and don't think those who are "less human" than you should get the same because they are undeserving, yet when someone gets something you don't get you make a big fuss. It is really the people who don't make as much as you that don't get the discount.

2. You yourself discriminate against blacks, Jews, Indian's, Hispanics.

3.You not only admit to abusing your children, but you abuse children online by calling them names.

4. You think everyone owes you something.


u do realize that u r *** retarded right. do u think that those people ask for discounts.

NO!!! their busy saving the lives of ungrateful people like you.

I think you should kill yourself because your *** retarded. You know what?, Im gonna go to burger king and as for a discount for being an American citizen.


oh god, dear lord...your poor poor children. I will be praying that somehow one of them runs away and the other finds the courage to file child abuse charges to human services (psychological)


oh no -- my face is blue.

Please help me, discriminated nurse!


blue face is bad! I want my money, back free website! Give me 25% off of FREE!


... :eek


Becoming a nurse requires education. Judging by this woman's grammar, she obviously has none.

These posts are obviously a HOAX.

If she were making as much as she claims she wouldn't worry about the little expenses. In a previous post she misspelled the name of her alleged hometown.


Give me a break. I'm a teacher.

Do I get a discount? NO, and I teach the little inconsiderate, rude, disrespectful children of registered nurses!!!!!!


You are clearly mentally imbalanced...and that's a severe understatement.


So this is the secert of how rich people stay rich.


DOCTORS dont get discounts, why should you, you dont put your life on the line Every single DAY have some respect. these guy earned it you didnt do ***.

!!! i feel horrible for your children they shouldent be raised by a SELFISH. YES YOU SELFISH. *** of a nurse.

What was that discoutn a whole buck 50?

Lame cook your own dinners. and i always wondered why a lot of nurses where so fat


that's why you shouldn't do drugs. it sounds like they provided you with great customer service and were being very polite.

you just happen to be the customer from ***. i've dealt with customers like you before, always trying to get a discount or something for free so you find anything to b**** about.

Have a great day! :)


Are you sure the children's dad is the deadbeat? 'Cause you sure don't sound like a real winner.

But go ahead and keep your ignorant, "The world owes me something and I'm better than everyone else" attitude. It will get you far in life


I'm a music teacher - I better the community because I teach our children about music and the discipline required to study it. I should get a discount there too.

Give me a break. Troll troll troll troll troll.


Lol, don't worry I never smoke.


I hope your not a smoker.We are the most Discrimated comsumers on the planet! :(

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