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i always eat lunch and sometimes dinner @ BK's in Chubbuck, Idaho. Today, no tomatoes on my order with 2 dbl whprs.

Ck. Receipt# 3772 Order# 39 Whats up with the tomatoes? It changed the flavor of the cheeseburger. I didn't realize this until I was on the interstate headed back to work.

I may have to change to wendy's since they serve tomatoes.

just a little upset from Fort Hall Idaho. I hope I do not have to change eatery's due to no tomatoes.I have to wait think about this b4 i go bak, Tinker

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Cheeseburger.

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cheeseburgers never come with tomatoes.


oh another legit complaint on pissed consumer!

yeah this isn't a troll...no way!


I have stopped going to Burger King until they decide that there are tomatoes available. I will pay more for them.

I cannot eat a Whopper without them, and so BK is the one who is suffering. I can't imagine a fast food restaurant consciously making a decision not to include a staple product. Oh well, McDonald's has them.

Also, you cannot complain to BK, as they have no after hours phone number nor e-mail address. Wow.


Sounds like someone needs to get the sand out of their ***. You have bigger problems than tomatoes if you eat two double whoppers everyday at lunch and sometimes dinner. Try a salad, it has tomatoes also.

BTW- if it happens again and no tomatoes changed the taste, try some Ketchup- fat ***!


guys this is not a real person. this is a troll trying to get reactions.

no sane, reasonable person would post this garbage.

(well may be it is not a reasonable person...)


I ordered a BK Whopper today and it did not have tomatoes on it. I understand the Florida freeze, etc. but I think they should reduce the price of the sandwich if it does not have tomatoes on it.


And yet you have not cut your wrists. Bravo!


It's been very well publicized that due to the weather there is a tomato shortage. The Wendy's near me has a huge sign near the drive-thru clearly stating that due to the shortage they will only put tomatoes on your sandwich if you request them.

I'm willing to bet the sign was near your BK also, but you probably were too busy anticipating your unhealthy lunch that you didn't even see the sign.

And yes, I eat at Wendy's...

chili and baked potato. No problem with tomatoes there!


If you are switching to Wendy's just because they forgot your tomatoes once than you are very *** in my opinion, however it sounds like they are having tomato shortage.


Have you ever heard of eating right? I mean 2 double greeseballs for lunch?

Good lord how much do you weigh?

And then you complain about no tomato's???? Dude go on a diet, shut the he11 up and eat a salad.


I read a news article that states fast food businesses will only give tomato upon request due to the cold weather down south that damaged the crops which made the price go up. This includes Wendy's


Both Wendy's and BK are not putting tomatoes on unless specifically requested because the severe winter we've had. The harsh weather has reduced the number of tomatoes available.

The shortage is so bad, some stores have NO tomatoes to use even if you ask.

It's only temporary, so don't give up on your favorite stores. Just be sure to ask, and when you ask, be polite and don't say something like "last time you screwed up."

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