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raising my children from school we went to BK for a family bundle of 12.99 and I was denied for not having printed a coupon so I showed the one I got online and it did not help me either.

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You could just use the machine and write down the number and it would work.


Well, i'll have you know that yesterday I broke my vow not to return to McDonalds and went there and used a Booger King coupon to get McDonald's food. I was extremely hungry, so I went against my better judgement.

I used a Booger King coupon that sadi that you could get 2 crossaint meals for $5. I used it at McDonalds to get two Sausage and Egg McMuffins, Two hashbrowns(that had been under the warmers too long, one was way too cooked and the other wasnt as bad, but was still overcooked.) I got a small coffee and told them to substitute a small sweet tea for my other small coffee.

My Entire meal was ruined by a very large fly that kept trying to land on my food and kept buzzing around. I recommend everyone to use their Booger King coupons at McDonalds, because they have better breakfast fare over there.

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