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Harassed by Burger King Manager. Collected money won't serve food !!!

Been a BK customer for years and had a terrible experience at your store number 5199 in northglenn in colorado. I was served a Fish Sandwich when I ordered a Veggie Burger for my daughter. My daughter is allergic to seafood and if she had eaten that it would been dangerous. Upon complaining about this the manager "Ruben" refused to fulfill my order (correct as well as give the rest of the order) despite having paid the whole amount (I have the receipt with me). When told that I will call the Sheriff, Ruben went ahead and called the Police on me complaining that I am not leaving the drive through. It finally took the effort of the sheriff to get my money back and the manager told the cops that I should never visit Burger King again.
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:grin I am glad you were served an A. What is an A?

I never saw it on a menu.

You might try proper writing along with your *** comments to make us undertsand what happened to you. Stop whining, walk into a place instead of being so lazy to use a drive in and get on with your life!!

Sara L

WTF? So the poster left out a word and this is your response?

Have we not taken our meds today or are you just a generally nasty person? :roll :roll

@Sara L

From your picture, it looks like you are the one on meds. :grin

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Burger King: worst customer service of any chain!

I just had another incident with burger king, and guess what, they screwed me again! I'm not mad about the mistake that much, and I wasn't at the time, but I am %&$@ing fed up to my $%# @$#% ears with burger king's refusal to handle any of these complaints. There is no way to get them to listen short of going in the location everyday trying to find a manager and getting ready for ANOTHER arguement. What happened to customer service, and when did it turn into the customer is always wrong. This passive ignorance tactic that burger king is using is infuriating and I for one am going to take a more pro active role in attacking this greedy, arrogant company!
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has anybody just considered oh i dunno... boycotting them????

i havent ate their in 8 months after they ****d up my order one to many times. if we could all do this eventually they'll need to do something about it or be forced to shut down.

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