Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

So much for "Have it your way". Should be "Have it your way*".

I ordered two Whoppers with cheese and extra pickles in drive-thru. After getting my order I saw "2 extra pickle 0.60" on the receipt. And what do I get for my 30 cents a burger? 3 extra slices of sub-quality pickle.

I can understand charging extra if I'm ordering toppings on something that doesn't normally have them, like adding tomatoes to a chicken sandwich.

But I'm already getting pickles on the Whopper, I just wanted a few extra, and their advertising campaign wants me to "have it my way". We apparently they don't because they charge a fee for the "privilege" of getting 3 terrible slices of pickle.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Whopper Sandwich.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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You are getting more than the pickles they provide on the sandwich. You have two choices, get a job so you can pay for the extra pickles, or do without.


You must be a democrat---wanting something for free.

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