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Some people think they're bad because they manage a fast food restaurant, right? Like it gives you some super sense of power like you're actually worth something. Well, I was turned down for a job at Burger King today. I wasn't just turned down, the girl said she wasn't hiring.

I went in last week, there was a "Now Hiring" sign on the counter. I asked for an application, turned it in, and the manager at the time told me to come back Tuesday.

I call today to see when a good time to come in is and the *** tells me that they're not hiring. I got pissed and called back. I said " Are you sure?" She said "I'm the hiring manager and I'm not hiring anyone right now."

Well, there's 3 different positions hiring at that same exact store on snagajob.com, there's the hiring sign STILL on their counter, and there's me. A pissed off manager that's about to go up to Burger King and raise the ***.

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Also another reason you were not hired was because of your attitude, you have to deal with people everyday, and customers don't like dealing with rude employees with attitudes, and if you don't know the difference between a girl and adult chance are you will mess up orders.


I think the reason you were not hired was because of your lack of education. One example is your spelling and grammar is terrible, another example is you don't know the difference between adults and girls.


No hiring no monkeys. This is America.


west airfort and dairy ashford at houston texas too many dumb indian worker like *** worker..i hate this place so much because if u wanna buy something like burger they will ask you more like they want you to purchase more...*** cashier or maybe all of them..


Okay, this was written when I was 17. All 17 year olds have a bad attitude about employment, especially in Florida's failing economy.

To Burger King Manager: that is about the most racist thing I have ever heard. I hope that your employer realizes that you are a potential risk to business and let's you go back to your lynching rope and kerosene lamp you *** biggot. As for the rest of you, get a life.

I'm only checking this because I happened to randomly get an email on my iPhone and I was curious. I'm currently a manager at McD's and I am the *** so suck it hahahaha


Maybe they filled the positions, just because it's still on the internet doesn't mean they are hiring. Maybe the positions you applied for were filled by someone quicker to apply, get over it.

Just because you fill out an application doesn't mean they will hire you.

With the attitude you have I wouldn't hire you either, mellow out and keep applying. :x


Clean handsome white man. NICE. :grin


Sorry I commented on the wrong letter. Ignore my post. This directed at complaint265's letter.


Well I have seen your other letters and here is what I noticed.

1. You want special privlages because you are a nurse and don't think those who are "less human" than you should get the same because they are undeserving, yet when someone gets something you don't get you make a big fuss. It is really the people who don't make as much as you that don't get the discount.

2. You yourself discriminate against blacks, Jews, Indian's, Hispanics.

3.You not only admit to abusing your children, but you abuse children online by calling them names.

4. You think everyone owes you something.

Angry Kelly

Are you black, smelly, and perverted? Cause if so i wouldn't of hired you either.

And don't demand a job- that's a great way to not get a job. That only works in the movies, duh.


When I'm sad and lonely, I buy a spicy chicken sandwich and put it in my pants


if you think the MANAGER is so worthless, why would you want to work there as just another employee? i hate hipocrites like you, *** ***.


they probably are hiring just not hiring black people. go to the burger king on the west side of your city and get a job there. then you can be loud and lazy with the rest of the black people there.


What position were you applying for. They could be looking for a particular position and you did not qualify for it.

I know that it is frustrating and difficult to find a job these days. Perpahs you did not have the experience that they were looking for. Perpahs you were rude with dealing with the manager. I myself don't hire people who give attitude.

Chances are if you give attitude on this letter you did the same when asking for a job.

We look for people who are generally polite because it reflects on the company. The manager probably did not hire you because she was afraid your attitude would affect the customers and other employees.


Dude just do what I do when someone does not hire me. Go there and work anyway. That way they have to pay you.


Move to Spirit Lake, Iowa. That one is desperate for help. I am sure you would get hired!


Don't know but could it have been your attitude. If you showed the same attitude when asking for a job ofcourse you won't be hired. I don't know what you mean by ***, but I am sure it is not pleasant.


i dont care


Me thinks there is more to the story ...

Couldn't even get an interview?