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#1. Finding a BK that has unsweetened Iced Coffee is not easy

#2. Finding one that tastes right is even harder.

We got two & hit the road, unable to return to complain. The coffee was weak & to add insult to injury...the cream was sour! Lesson learned...Gotta stick with McD's.

Not only did we pay a high price for undrinkable coffee (McD's a buck!), but we then had to make another stop, dump those (see pic) and buy new at McCafe. We used to love the Mocha Joes, but those are history now...& not unsweetened either. Get with the program Burger King...We love our iced coffees, but the way you make 'em, we'll forego the Whopper Jr meal for a Quarter Ponder with Cheese to get the tasty accompanying beverage!

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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I paid 2.47 for mid size ice coffe at bk it's not only pricy but small . You will definitely get diabetes after you finish drinking this horrible coffee. I used to buy Mcoffee , and assume that bk is the same curse they're in competition .