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Consumer reports indicate that several are not happy with Burger King these days. So I will spread the word of my unhappiness. Do not eat out ever. Cook your own food or order like a pissed-off person that don't take anything less than perfection at all times or else....
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Preface: I love Burger King. I always order a Whopper Jr. with extra pickle and it is always hot, juicy, and flavorful. I absolutely love it. Update: Went to BK with my grandson yesterday while on a "traveling day" of a camping trip. We both ordered burgers. He got a...
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Former BK believer

I'm with you. I just sat down to eat my go-to, faithful whopper junior in Indian Trail NC. It's been a few weeks since my last one. Did a double-take when I saw the bun size, ...

The $1.79 whopper junior became $2.99 with two tiny pieces of bacon (not even equivalent to one slice) and one slice of cheese.The whole sandwich itself was very small, more the size of a slider with the hamburger patty considerably smaller than the bun. I'm very...
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My wife got a whopper jr tonight and it was VERY small, about a 3" bun and not much bigger than a slider. Funny that the price did not go down, but the sandwich is now a comp...

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  • At first with employees on duty very good
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