South Bend, Indiana

I am not a Burger King employee. Just a friend of one.

I will never eat at Burger King again! She has been a full time employee for 13 years! Has not had a raise for 8! She had earned 3 weeks paid vacation-now Burger King is taking away paid vacations.

It is a benefit & they are stopping this benefit. Her manager treats the employees badly. I will be writing Dan Fitspatrick to see if he still gets his vacations!

This is criminal-we treat our own workers this way.

Corporations can't ship out these jobs & they still treat our own people like this.

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I worked in burger king luton and I swithed from part time to full time for that I gave full time letter to my manager as well but I didn't get my pay as full time then everything get messed up after two weeks I got pay but My NI tax of 40 pounds get deducted even-though I didn't work much just because of previous issue. and one more problem I got at once my till get down by 80 pounds and I really don't no why then restaurant manager told me to pay 40 pounds even-though did't had my fault at that day even I was on break of 30 min and I took change from manager may be in that their is fault.

I worked allot their but the environment is not at all good they treat people too badly as well as if they need 2 people then also they wanted to work by one only. just hate BK.


Maybe if your friend learned to fight their own battles they won't be mistreated. Your friend is no longer eight, let her fight her own battles.


I love to rub steaming hot tender crisps on my brown eye.


My husband works for BK as a shift coordinator, has lots of responsibilites and does not make any money. Has been with them for 3 years and has never heard of any paid vacation nor has gotten a raise.

They do take advantage of their employees, his manager does not help him one bit. He works midnights because is a 24hr store and hates it.

In the meantime, they are paying top dollars to all the celebrities advertising all their new products. My husband says it's a revolving door employees come & go but BK does not care, they don't take care of their workers just their own pockets!


I could be wrong, but once vacation is earned I don't think they can take it away without some sort of compensation. They can stop offering it as a benefit, but those who already earned it should be either allowed to take it, or receive it in the form of pay. One other question, is it a company owned store or a franchise?


Maybe she is not getting a raise because she cannot fight her own battles and needs you to fight them for her. You are like a replacement mother.

What is she like in fourth grade. Let her write her own review.


It's no wonder the people that work at these

places are such *** bags.

They get screwed out of there vacations

and Raises!!!!


Dear bk I am an employee of yours and have been for almost 3 years and I still have not received a raise I work at store #588, 3401 west 16th street indianapolis indiana 46222 and it seems unfair that you have enough money to put all these sandwiches in boxes but now all of us kitchen people have to work harder doing all of our own prep and you don't want to pay us more seems totally unfair put yourselfs in our shoes and see how you feel I expect to here something back asap as a concerned employee I don't know if this has to do with you or our store manager janie walter but she also needs to learn how to talk to her employees instead of yellying at them just creates a more stressful work enviroment


13 years at a fast food joint and she's not a manager. I've seen kids there that aren't out of their teens managing those places.