New Baltimore, Michigan
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BURGER KING! Have you looked at the pressed flat *** burgers your people

are serving??? I guess not because if you had, you would be pissed too!!!

The food sucks BAD!! at the 23 mile and Gratiot location in Chesterfield Michigan and I'm sick and tired of it@!!! I'll bet money if I went to F'n China my burger would look like the picture on the menu instead of the flat hard piece of *** they serve at ALL Burger Kings here! Why is it so hard to get good quality food at these places?? I pay good money so why does me food look and taste like ***??????

Bet money you won't respond!! Thanks for not caring Burger King!! Thanks!

Brad Morris

Chesterfield MI

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

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HAHAHAHA.....are you serious? You're complaining about how you're food looks.

Let me tell ya something, the only reason it looks good on the menu and on tv is because they hire people to make it look good. If you're wanting food that's pretty then go to a 5 star restaurant, not BK. Burger King is fast food.

You don't go there because it's fancy and delicious. You go there because it's fast, cheap, and kinda edible


Don't depend on Burger King if you want a gourmet meal buddy... it's gonna cost you more than $5.99!!!