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I'm not normally one to complain. But I believe that people need to know this.

At approximately 8:15 am on November 21, 2010, I pulled into the drive-thru at Burger King, 181 South Broadway, Salem, NH (603) 898-4511. There were no cars ahead of me or behind me. In fact, I don't believe there were any patrons in the establishment at the time either since there were only one or two cars in the parking lot. I assumed that they belonged to the workers.

I placed my order which included a cup of decaf coffee. I pulled around to the window, paid, then was told by a guy working there that the coffee was brewing. He asked me to pull all the way around the building again or at least pull up so I was off his timer. I said that that's what timers are for, to see how long it takes to fill an order. I asked if there was anyone behind me. He said no. So, I told him I'd just wait at the window where I was. I didn't get his name.

Next the woman working there, Donna (at least that's what her name tag reflected), again, and more emphatically told me that I needed to pull over and park. There were still no other patrons behind me. She was getting pretty rude about it and stated it was within her right to make me move. So I told her that I'd just like my money back. She returned my money. I said that I needed her and his names to make a complaint. She refused, slammed the drive-thru window and locked it.

I went down the street to McDonald's, was treated great, and had my order very quickly.

Maybe it was just stupidity on my part for going to a Burger King that had no customers when the McDonald's down the street was, and always is, busy. However, it doesn't surprise me that this Burger King isn't busy when people are treated as I was.

To the potential patrons of this establishment, I'm merely reiterating my experience.

To the store manager/owner/whatever, I'm guessing that these two were not acting independently and have been instructed to keep the wait-time down. But inconveniencing and being rude to customers shouldn't be the way to do it. I'd recommend keeping the wait-time down by being prepared and properly trained.

To the Burger King management and leadership team above the store manager level, I'd offer that you have a problem here that needs to be addressed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Manager.

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Yeh, I remember that store. Been there twice and got pretty rude treatment.

Since then, I don't go that store. Never....


Scott's my new best friend. :zzz


Man, I'm jealous. You eat at some fine establishments!


Try 7-11!

They have hot dogs! HA HA HEEE!!!

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