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A little information to start: I work 3rd shift, I had just worked 12 hours. While at work my sister-in-law called me and asked if I could watch her kids for the day (Father's Day) because her babysitter had something come up and there was a special thing planned (Again, it was Father's Day, it also happened to be their 12th anniversary, and 3 days before my brother's 30th birthday.) She dropped the kids off when I got home around 7:30am. A little bit after noon, the kids were getting hungry again, and I wanted to give them a chance to run and play (I was going to take them to the park, but their mom had not left any tennis shoes, only flip-flops for them.) I decided I could take them to a playzone since they wouldn't need the shoes anyway. I took my three nieces to the Burger King off exit 141 of I-81 in Salem, VA. I had the hope that I could get some work done on my laptop. However, when I got there and turned the laptop on, I found there was no wireless network! In this day and age, I find it incomprehensible that a fast food restaurant would not offer wi-fi. Any other restaurant in the area has wireless. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone, and will not be coming back. There is a McDonald's with a playzone and wireless (And a comfortable section of seating with recliners and TVs to boot!). I will not be giving Burger King any more of my patronage.


Another issue I had, albeit not a major one, is that our order was screwed up. I ordered a 20-piece nugget box for the kids and some crispy RANCH snack wraps. The nuggets did not come with any dipping sauce, and I had to stand there for 8 minutes while being ignored to ask for dipping sauce. Additionally, my snack wraps were honey mustard and not ranch as I had ordered. Overall my satisfaction with this restaurant was non-existent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

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um.. ***.

in the second part of your comment, are you sure you aren't confusing Burger King with McDonald's? because McDonald's is famous for the 20 chicken nuggets meal and they're the ones with the snack wraps.

as for the Wi-Fi issue. grow up. not every store/food place has Wi-Fi.

they aren't required to have it just so you can keep yourself busy while the kids play in the dirty playhouse. if you aren't going to eat somewhere just because you couldn't access the internet for free, then you've got some problems to work out.

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