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A little information to start: I work 3rd shift, I had just worked 12 hours. While at work my sister-in-law called me and asked if I could watch her kids for the day (Father's Day) because her babysitter had something come up and there was a special thing planned (Again, it was Father's Day, it also happened to be their 12th anniversary, and 3 days before my brother's 30th birthday.) She dropped the kids off when I got home around 7:30am. A little bit after noon, the kids were getting hungry again, and I wanted to give them a chance to run and play (I was going to take them to the park, but their mom had not left any tennis shoes, only flip-flops for them.) I decided I could take them to a playzone since they wouldn't need the shoes anyway. I took my three nieces to the Burger King off exit 141 of I-81 in Salem, VA. I had the hope that I could get some work done on my laptop. However, when I got there and turned the laptop on, I found there was no wireless network! In this day and age, I find it incomprehensible that a fast food restaurant would not offer wi-fi. Any other restaurant in the area has wireless. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone, and will not be coming back. There is a McDonald's with a playzone and wireless (And a comfortable section of seating with recliners and TVs to boot!). I will not be giving Burger King any more of my patronage.


Another issue I had, albeit not a major one, is that our order was screwed up. I ordered a 20-piece nugget box for the kids and some crispy RANCH snack wraps. The nuggets did not come with any dipping sauce, and I had to stand there for 8 minutes while being ignored to ask for dipping sauce. Additionally, my snack wraps were honey mustard and not ranch as I had ordered. Overall my satisfaction with this restaurant was non-existent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

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Talk to the manager at your location - get their name & tell them about the failure to provide the food order you promptly paid for - taking your $ and failure to provide you with the product you paid for is theft on behalf of the BK franchise - I have seen situations where the Police has shown up & told the food service staff to either reimburse the customer, provide them the food they paid for or be arrested for theft of payment without delivery of paid products - not sure why some franchises are so stingy - then ask why the free BK wifi is not accessible - the cost of wifi is worked into the cost of BK food - then Address the specific BK franchise & the managers name & repeat their lame excuses to the Toll Free Burger King Customer Service Number - FOR 3 MONTHS STRAIGHT we have been getting the blow off excuse that our BK has a weak signal & its wifi is not always available - so I said corporate asked me to get he manager involved to walk me through logging on & report what the issues were so they can remedy the situation at the specific franchise - as it turned out this specific BK location simply did not want anyone using their wifi because the manager stated they did not "advertise free wifi" - I stated corporate advised wifi needs to be made available to customers thats why families & individuals come to certain BK locations vs Chik-Fil-A or McDonalds or Carls or Wendys or KFC & etc - she finally identified a randomly generic named wifi connection & begrudgingly gave us the password - I stated this BK location at ZIP code 80017 on S Buckley Rd is doing a disservice to BK as a corporation when customers were continually lied with lame excuses as to why we were not allowed connection to wifi - be up front state we do not want to provide free wifi so customers can leave for another franchise offering free wifi - instead of being lied to for 3 months


Since when does Burger King owe people free wi-fi?


4 years later and the free wi fi still sucks. Does Bk Corp ever follow up on this?


Oh bo-bo... The Wendy's I went to didn't have Wi-Fi...

I am never going there again!


You're pissed because a *** restaurant doesn't have Wi-Fi? There's more important things than being on internet everywhere you go.





Wow, talk about first world problems.


Customer service is not one of their strengths! That is why I stopped going there! why spend your money where you are not wanted.


In my town (Punxsutawney, Pa) the Burger King indeed does have a wifi signal, but does not enable access to it. So.....I go to Mcdonalds.

That's a shame because I consider BK's food to be much better but nonetheless, I will take my business elsewhere.

If given the choice to sit there without wifi watching everyone else else chewing their cud......or entertaining myself otherwise with wifi, wifi wins out every time.

Oh....and to those suggesting that BK doesn't need wifi because they're not a 5 star restaurant, I respond that that's exactly why they SHOULD offer it.


My goodness!!

I'm eating a double cheeseburger from Burger King, while watching Miss August on the Playboy Channel, and some holier than now right wingers, are talking about pedopiles.

Pleeeezzzzeeeee!! Can the gentleman just relax with his nieces at Burger king, w/o mentioning pedopiles?

Back before the days of the internet, we use to simply watch Mary Poppins grab a 45 mile wind gust, and jump a house or two for God's sake!!

...and yes, I misspelled pedopiles, because I wouldn't be caught dead with one, who knows how to spell, and use correct grammar!!


calm down already. you claim to be some mature married man but you whine like a little *** and oh yeah, I know nothing about a relationship yet I've been with the woman I love for close to a year and a half and been living with her for a year now.

that might not be 10 years but that's still a good amount of time. and by the way, McDonald's is the only place that sells snack wraps.

if you had actually said chicken wraps then okay. that's like saying Big Mac and then turning around and saying that Wendy's has the same thing.


And you spell like a dummy, even a first grader knows how to spell in and the. Also you have poor reading comprehension yourself because they are not called chicken nuggets at Burger King they are called Chicken as your link states.


Also you dummy, you never mentioned Mcdonalds, you just claimed you got food that Mcdonalds serves at Burger King. If you have the same issue with Mcdonlds write them a review.

Yeah and Ihatedumbcustomers is correct, you do sound like you want the service of a five star hotel at a low class fast food restaurant, next you will be complaining they don't give p0rn on demand for you to watch while your nieces play in the playzone.


So anyone who disagrees with you and is not from USA is a ***. Now I know you have more serious mental issues than I though.

Perhaps you are the ***. Why else would you offer to watch your nieces when your sibling can take care of them.


sounds like someone is expecting fast food restaurants to be like a 5 star restaurant.


I have a full-time job, and a part-time job. Something many people do these days.

I am a freelance writer, meaning it takes up the "spare" time I have. My full-time job has shifts.


"I work 3rd shift, I had just worked 12 hours."..."I am a writer and an editor working part-time with a local publishing firm" I didn't know editors worked in shifts.

I need WiFi for my job too, but that's why I PAY Verizon for a mobile hotspot so I can have WiFi instead of demanding others supply it for me.


"if you aren't going to eat somewhere just because you couldn't access the internet for free, then you've got some problems to work out."

And by problems "Ihatestupidcustomers" is not talking about your sick kiddy p0rn fantasy, that is another problem itself.


If you vow not to return because they don't have free Wi-Fi you have mental issues.

Big Bruce I think he was angry because Burger King did not provide Wi-fi so that he can view kiddie p0rn on his laptop. No wonder he was in a hurry to get his nieces to play place and did not even know the difference between Mcdonalds and Burger King.


I beat off to circus clowns.


Did they advertise free WiFi? Did they promise it to you?

I don't think they did.

Get over yourself. Your life isn't ruined because you were disconnected from Facebook for an hour.