Camden, New Jersey
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The manager who served me said his name was kenny. He was a true nightmare.

He started by saying to me in a stern voice and yelling "What do you want???" He had a mean look on his face and a huge frown with his mouth open. I said number 3. He put in the wrong order and told me to swipe my card. He said nothing as he quickly went to the back of the restaurant and did not give me a receipt or tell me he was leaving or thank me.

I waited for about 15 minutes for him to come back. During that time, I saw him getting fries and said sir, sir and he looked at me and walked further away without saying anything. He was busy with no gloves on touching the meat and chicken and food. Ewwww.

He finally came over and I asked him what he charged me for and asked for my receipt. He said "I charged you for a chicken sandwich." I said sire I ordered a number three the carolina burger. He began to scream and argue and said you said chicken sanwich number six. Then he screamed "whatever" and went to the back leaving me there.

Next, he came back and refused to ring me up for the correct order or give me a receipt. He left again. He then again went to the back. He was busy mixing up another disgruntled customer's order with no gloves on and touching the meat and making sansiwched.

The customer was next to me and had been waiting for over 20 minutes. There was no excuse for this because he was the only customer they were helping. Kenny finally came back with the bag and threw it at me on the counter and went away again without saying anything. Next, I said I was disatisfied and wanted a refund.

He refunded it without saying anything and left. I asked for his name and the regional manager's name and number. This Kenny guy said that he did not have that type of information. He said what do you want my social security number.

Then he said, what ever, I do not have time for this and left me standing alone at the register again. I said you do not have time for this and he said whatever. I called and asked for the number for headquarters he said he did not *** me over!! He used the F bomb three times on the phone!!!

UNreal!! Completely Unreal. In complete shock, I just went to Mcdonald's and ate. There were no problems there at all.

I was dissapointed because I ate BK two or three times a week until now.

Kenny said the regional manager's name is Frank. Frank needs to rectify the issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Manager.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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I'm from California actually. I have explained this many times.

I haven't met anyone from New Jersey that I have liked. They are all slime!!


um.. MsLea, I used to live in New Jersey.

fast food has nothing to do with the state.

maybe I should assume that you're a trailer trash hick because you're from Arkansas. but you are a piece of trash anyway, you *** psycho ***


New Jersey, that figures.


If u want him to drink ur *** he has to do it bcause ur the customer an d u always right ur suppose to have it ur way and he's just a manager at bk . Yo go get a life !


I can tell you have no life u fat *** if u saw that manager making food with no gloves why would you even bother and wait and then wait 20 min? Then after you wait ur 20 min hes finally done with your food you want a refund I'm sorry man but you are an azzhole you could've just said that after 5 or 10 min :x then u come here to talk bout it set no life.

U even call the kid after what u did atnd u expected him to be nice to you?

Are u serious? So that means bcause ur the customer and he's just a manager at bk