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I have been so disrespected from a new training manager his name is cortis Goodroe he was yelling at me and screaming at me last night in front of customers in the drive threw and other employees he was screaming at me and another employee last night because we were trying to push the food out for customers and they have been waiting for their food for more then 10 mins in the drive threw and inside the building. We told him we needed the food to push and he was blaming us.

He isn't trained right, he definaitly isn't manager material. I wouldn't recommend anyone working with cortis Goodroe or for him at night because he disrespects everyone that works at night with him. I gave my 2 week notice because of cortis and the way he treats me. I totally refuse to work with cortis.

And now I quit because of cortis and his disrespectful ness to me. I shouldn't have to be dealing with anyone like that. And I defiantly don't need to be sooooo disrespected the way I was. I was almost in a full blown anxiety attack because of the way I was treated my boss Steph had to help me calm down she is an amazing manager and she was helpful.

Noel is another great manager I love working with and for. Unfortunately I won't be working there anymore I am also going to contact the BBB because people shouldn't have to be treated like ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yikes. Please tell us your full name so none of us hire your crazy drama ness.