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I asked for my chicken sandwiches to be made fresh, they where not! chicken was dried out and rubbery stringy and crust was dark, you could tell they were re fried!

whopper jrs also dried out, fries were hard and boxs not full. one of the worst visit yet, I usually visit this location at least twice a week or more, staff at the window was rude and then when I called about my food the manger (a woman who would not give her name) was very rude, yelled at me, asked me four or more times what I had and what was wrong with my food, when I tried to tell her she said I was yelling and wouldn't let her talk, she was argumentative and very rude, my boyfriend could hear her yelling the hole time, then she hung up on me, I called back to get her name, she continued to rant and rave at me about how she could say anything saying I was , she continued to tell me how I wouldn't let her talk as I sat there with the phone away from my ear so everyone could hear her as she continued to yell saying I was yelling and would not let her talk, after 5 mins of her yelling at me I had enough, I gave her my name and told her she would be hearing from me again. and I hung up! I am beyond unhappy with the food and management, this was the worst example of customer service ive ever experienced!

I cant believe a person of this mannerism and clear un educated ignorance has been put in a position of management, as she has zero customer service skills and even less of a clue of how to talk to people or resolve issues in a professional manner! , she shouldn't be employed in any position where she has any contact with people!

I felt like I was disputing with someone over a personal issue not the quality of the food I paid for! totally unprofessional and rude!

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Whopper Jr Sandwich.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I think that McDonalds should buy up all of the Burger Kings the same way that Greyhound bought up Trailways.


Here is a protip. If you want dinner made your way make it yourself. Problem solved you ignorant ***.


"one of the worst visit yet..."

sounds like you should have expected this type of quality/service


The fried chicken sandwich was cold, dry. Just plain nasty. Nothing like the commercials.