Nashville, Tennessee
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I have had multiple issues with this store. The first was the previous manager telling me that they will not honor an Amazon Coupon for Burger King as it is their right to refuse any coupons.

Now let's get into false advertising. I went in today (first time in a month) to see how the new manager is running the store. There was a ad for Mix and Match 2 for $5.00. Choice between Alaskan Fish, Whopper, Chicken Sandwich, Cheddar Stuffed Whopper. I order the fish and was going to order a whopper. The cashier, interrupted me after I said Alaskan Fish and was about to say whopper, stating The Alaskan Fish is not in the Mix and Match. I pointed to the sign and he said, sorry we do not have to do that.

This is what I call False Advertising. If they made a mistake, I can understand, but shouldn't they turn the sign off or post something stating that? This store should be shut down as they do not honor coupons and change what is on sale as they see fit.

I do not care much for McDonald's but at least they honor what they post on their electronic billboards.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Coupon.

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It's a Burger joint. What do you REALLY expect?