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Received a Burger King coupon flyer in my mail yesterday for various items on their menu. Decided to use two coupons on SEPARATE items in one transaction.

1. the free 4 piece chicken tenders coupon for my kids, and 2. the buy one get one free original chicken sandwich. Franchise on Crater Lake Hwy in Medford, Oregon denied my order with the coupons because I used two coupons.

I explained they were for two separate items. They still refused. Only having enough money for the planned coupon purchase, I left and went to McDonalds instead which was cheaper. I called the corporate office to try to understand why they denied my order with their coupons.

The man on the line was confused too at the wordage on the coupon but settled on I could have purchased the chicken sandwiches with the coupon and in a separate transaction I could have used the other coupon. Totally ridiculous. Wasted my time and made me angry to boot. I continue to be a McDonalds fan.

Also....Burger King why can I not write to you on your corporate page?

No link! Sorry guys, consumers cannot have it our way!

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Commonly, you can only use 1 coupon per person. If the kid is with you, have the kid order separate.


the wording of 1 per customer can be interpreted different ways, but it is commonly understood that only 1 per order, not 1 per offer is allowed...unless you want to spend hundreds of thousands to sue....


Same thing happened to us today. We told them we wanted TWO separate transactions and they said NO.

So, we nicely went next door to McDonalds. Too many fast food places to be jerks.


I realize this complaint is 6 years old, but I do want to point out that BK does have a CONTACT US section on their website where you can message them. So, this person simply did not look closely enough.


It states on the coupon one per customer per visit. Some places will accept multiple, but they are not required to.


This is very misleading. It states- limit one per customer.

Not to be used WITH any other coupons or offers. This COULD mean- 1. You can only get one of this specific item although u have 3 of the same coupon. 2.

It could also mean u can't use another offer on this specific item.

The wording is very vague. You can always go back in line or send someone in and u drive thru.

They should just honor all the coupons and stop wasting everyones time. Much easier.


It is not vague at all. ONE coupon per customer means ONE COUPON PER CUSTOMER. Not to be used with other coupons means NOT TO BE USED WITH OTHER COUPONS.


No , you dumb *** it says 'one per customer, not to be used with any other offers' meaning, you can only use 1 of that specific coupon and you can't use 2 coupons on the same item


Coupon clearly states that you are wrong. One per customer and can not be used with any other coupons or offers.

Sometimes the customer is wrong.


at mcdonalds we accept all as many coupons as you have as long as you meet the requirements, and will accept competiters coupons. all day everyday no problem.


Really? I've never heard this.. How can McDonald's accept a buy one get one free whopper coupon?


Each place has it's counterpart in some way


most coupons state that they cannot be used in conjunction w/any other coupon. I get around it by sending my children inside(the ones that are old enough) w/their own coupon & the amount of money it should cost. Or...I have gone through the drive thru twice w/seperate coupons.