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I asked for the Halloween burger and they gave me a regular whopper then when I took it back they said it was limited time only.....HOW LIMITED ITS THE *** 6TH OF OCTOBER!!!!!!!! when I got homee I discovered my fries and burger where cold WTF

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You are ***.They are both killing you.

Stop being ***.Everyone please follow this advice.

Trussville, Alabama, United States #1054872

Sadly, without seeking ti minimize or act fippantly about your meal being missed up....what would one expect from an industry which sell the most unlealhy food on he planet .derved by laregly the most marginally literate, poorly socialized as per human interactions and woodenyl treined to greet cusomers in a language thet most do not even seem capable of speaking fluently despite having spoken some variation thereof for 16-25 years.

I dearly love Whoppers and while prbably not as toxic as MCDonalds I limit myself to one a year which I ate 3 weeks ago.

I found the "black spooky Halloween based marketing debacle bread, not dark rye, not pumpernickel not Slovak diet based bread but horribly dyed bread to appear to be undergoing some "Why does' fast food rot" experiment like on YouTube. But any compnay that has to ut pictures f burgers, fries, ice cream treats etc on the register in pictures on huge "Playskool" sized buttons is probably no the best place to keep ones finger on the pulse of modern retail nutritive studies. The young man who waited on me 3 weeks ago, when queired, told me that they only sold about 12 of those black burgers a day cause they look like those "!2 Gross Pictures of Dead Bodies Found in Assorted deceased Grannies Attics in Hamburg after WWII" photos also on the 'net.

He also said something gross eas used to make bread black and that the company was rethinking ther strategy on arketing very unatrual looking food in a death...

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Also the reason your burgers and fried were cold was because you were too busy arguing with them when you were wrong that they cooled down.


They promotion has not started yet genius.

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