Houston, Texas
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I asked for the Halloween burger and they gave me a regular whopper then when I took it back they said it was limited time only.....HOW LIMITED ITS THE *** 6TH OF OCTOBER!!!!!!!! when I got homee I discovered my fries and burger where cold WTF

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It's really sad and bad to see any employee or manager get treated like this when customers lie and fabricate. This is proof, "No, the customer is not always right."


I could be listening to the radio and an advertisement could be saying that they were giving away FREE WHOPPERS, FREE CHICKEN NUGGETS, AND FREE CHICKEN SANDWICHES and that all I had to do was go down there and I could eat all that I wanted to, even take some to go for free, and I wouldn't want to go get anything from them.


You are ***. They are both killing you.

Stop being ***. Everyone please follow this advice.


Don't imply and tell others what they should or shouldn't eat. Maybe you need too take your advice and stop being an...

@Anonymous Here And There 2019

I agree with you 100%. Thatk's for calling out "Anonymous" on their rude behavior.

@Anonymous BoogersOn The Wall

Agreed with you. It's so bad and sad too see people be so concerned about others lives when they need to take care of their own lives.


Better Call Saul.

@Havent Been To Booger King In Two Years

Do you really need someone to explain to you that you're not allowed to tell others what to? Apparently Not. You're acting like an child we are going to treat you like an child.


Well. You shouldn't let your personal problems with your personal life to make you mean and nasty to tell what to do.

They does not give you the right to act like an child.

Looks like you to act like an adult. Cry-Baby.


It makes me feel like a child having to scrape by on a SSI "Crazy Money" check every month. I feel like I have mean and hateful parents who are making me suffer. I feel like Child Protective Services should come and rescue me from my Incompetent Social Security Administration parents, and that they should be put in the hoosegow for mistreating me.


Agreed with you. This person must has an terrible or horrible life to tell others what to do with theirs.

They have to take their mean and nasty attitude and their problems out onto others and cannot accept when to should shut their mouths and mind their business. It's really sad and bad too people like that acting like that!


It's really sad and bad people like you are not able to shut your mouth and mind your business. Clearly nobody needs your advice or your permission.

Maybe you're the one that needs to stop acting like an... too others.


Sadly, without seeking ti minimize or act fippantly about your meal being missed up....what would one expect from an industry which sell the most unlealhy food on he planet . derved by laregly the most marginally literate, poorly socialized as per human interactions and woodenyl treined to greet cusomers in a language thet most do not even seem capable of speaking fluently despite having spoken some variation thereof for 16-25 years.

I dearly love Whoppers and while prbably not as toxic as MCDonalds I limit myself to one a year which I ate 3 weeks ago.

I found the "black spooky Halloween based marketing debacle bread, not dark rye, not pumpernickel not Slovak diet based bread but horribly dyed bread to appear to be undergoing some "Why does' fast food rot" experiment like on YouTube. But any compnay that has to ut pictures f burgers, fries, ice cream treats etc on the register in pictures on huge "Playskool" sized buttons is probably no the best place to keep ones finger on the pulse of modern retail nutritive studies. The young man who waited on me 3 weeks ago, when queired, told me that they only sold about 12 of those black burgers a day cause they look like those "!2 Gross Pictures of Dead Bodies Found in Assorted deceased Grannies Attics in Hamburg after WWII" photos also on the 'net.

He also said something gross eas used to make bread black and that the company was rethinking ther strategy on arketing very unatrual looking food in a death ocultic, more death based overly comercialized and hyped "holiday based on ancient and eadly Druidic ritlas...maybe someone up there was looking out for you cause he said those black buns were just *** and the employees wouldn't eat them.Wish I emembered more details but at the time..didn't know I may need them later...like high school algebra. Buon appetitto.


Also the reason your burgers and fried were cold was because you were too busy arguing with them when you were wrong that they cooled down.


I Haven't been to Booger King in a couple of years. Their "FLAME BROLIED WHOPPERS" are just cold boogers that they made earlier and have just been sitting around.

YUCK! I'd much rather have one of those freshly cooked but raw inside boogers from McDonalds.

@Please Dont Slather Special Sauce On My Boogers

Just because you have had an bad experience does not mean everyone does! There are plenty of customers that do support the employees and the managers over the customers that lie and fabricate about always having an problem.

Any customer that always has a problem with the same store and the same employees and managers who are nice and sweet, are trying too start something with the employee or the managers or wanting something for free. That means they are looking for attention.

There is no denying that. No, the customer is not always right.


Clearly, nobody has taught you and educated you from right and wrong. You're 100 percent wrong.

No, the customer is not always right. Only jerks think this and do this.


stop acting like you're anybody high and mighty as a customer. No employee or manager should serve you!




They promotion has not started yet genius.