Toronto, Ontario

We went to Burger King here in Clarksville, Tx. It was me, my 2 kids, my sister, my 2 nieces, and my nephew.

I got the chicken nugget meal and my kids got cheese burger happy meals. My sister got a double whopper meal and her kids got Big Kids meals. It first started with my niece. When she started eating her burger it was hard and cold and her fries were just as cold.

So she took them back and they cooked her some more. But when she was eating those she ended up getting sick because it was not cooked all the way. My sister took a *** of her double whopper and it was cold along with her fries being cold. I was eating my chicken nuggets and then I found a hair in my food.

I took my food back and they were going to cook me some more but I told them no I lost my appetite and they got an attitude and were saying that it wasnt their hair. Well I am here to say that I do not have course hair and it was black. I have short redish blonde hair. So they gave me my money back.

And when my sister went to talk to them about her food she told the lady that the people that were cooking the food didnt know what they were doing cause her burger was cold and both orders of chicken nuggets and they were very disrespectful and had very poor customer service. We come from a family that has a restaurant. Our dad owns a restaurant and this was not how food was supposed to taste and how customer service was supposed to be like.

I am ver upset. And they will not be getting my service anymore!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Chicken Nuggets.

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By the way, Burger King doesn't have chicken nuggets retard. They have chicken Tenders.

Quit *** *** about cold food and everything else.

All of the burgers, whoppers, and fried food are cooked the same. Its not cooked on a grill its flame broiled so they definitely didn't under-cook it.


Okay troll the gig is up. You wrote the same complaint for Sonic.

And both times, you don't even remember what you had. Get a life.