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My local Burger King forgets to give you your food you paid for! This has happened more than once when I went thru the drive-thru.

I ordered and paid for my food, only to get home to find items missing. It *** me off since I have to get back in my car and return to the Burger King to get what I paid for.I talked to the manager,only for her to apologize and say it happens sometimes. But why does it happen? Why are these employees so incompentent not put a customer's food in the bag?

Why can't they check before a person drives off and make sure they have what they ordered? This is what they do at McDonalds. I know since I have family member who worked at McDonalds and that is what they do.I have never had any items missing from my order from a McDonald's drive-thru,yet it happens all the time at Burger King. Doesn't Burger King realize what a huge inconvience this is for the customers,to go home,and find out some of their food is missing and to have to waste time and gas,which at almost $4.00 a gallon,isn't cheap anymore.I should of gotten a free value meal or something for my inconvience.

An apology just doesn't cut it for the inconvenience this Burger King puts it's customers thru by forgetting their food. At least I learned my lesson, now I check to make sure I have everything I ordered before I drive away.

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Wow, that woman at the Chinese restaurant should grow up and stop blaming a kid for her mistake.Maybe she should take a refresher course in the English language so that she will stop blaming customers for her mistakes.


I know a place that often messes up your order's. The place is called T and G's. Most of the workers there have limited English skills. The messed up what I wanted twice. Let me explain about this place first. It's a Chinese store where they sell mostly Chinese food. They have a mini restaurant. You order your food at one counter and pay at another counter. Anyways I ordered one meal, and they gave me two packages. Here is what I did. I did not think that I should have to pay for their mistake. The lady behind the counter kept saying I asked for two meals. How could I have I was 11 (at the time I was) and in the lower category of size/weight for age group. At 14 still am. Anyways what I did which any typical 11 year old would do after she made it look like it was my fault. I left one of the packages in the store took the one I wanted and only paid for that and a drink. I guess I let the food rot by leaving it out in the open but I figured it was their fault for making the mistake in the first place.

Then last year well in September actually they messed up again. You can get orders of two items, three or four. My brother and I wanted to share so we ordered four. I was very clear that I said four. She stopped at two items. Then when I told her I wanted four she kept arguing that I only asked for two.

Also they don't lie loose change there. I had about 12 quarter's and they refused to accept them.


Just for the record,I don't know these poeple's ages that are commenting. I didn't say they are sexually frustrated teenagers ,just that they sound like them with their insults that they are throwing at me.And yes, I do think I made a rude comment and apologize for it.Two wrongs don't make a right.And I did not ask the manager at the Burger King for free food, I just told her what an inconvenience it was for them to forget part of the order that I paid for and that they should be more careful in the future.And yes, nurses are human beings, and do make misakes, but hopefully not on the job,or someone's health or life could be at risk.

Also,some professional people like lawyers and people in the health care field are probably greedy,but I don't think they would be as dishonest as to try to get a $5.00 value meal at a fast food restaurant for free. Believe me,it is not worth their time or trouble,but of course they expect quality food and service anywhere they go just like anyone else.


IMO, Burger King is better than Mcdonalds in the way they prepare their food. Frame Broiled Burgers rather than boiled in fat.


You called them sexually frustrated teenagers. Isn't that rude. How do you know their age.

Anyways to keep on topic. Nurses can make mistakes. Ever watch that episode of Married With Children when Al Bundy goes to the hospital for a circular incision and the nurse accidently communicates to the doctor that he wants a circumacisum. So poor Stubby, um I mean Al Bundy gets the circumacism. Ofcourse hopefully as a nurse you would not make that mistake in spelling.

Now on to your letter. It was well written I guess. Atleast they apologized. Some places don't even do that even. Maybe they should have given you a free meal, but I can see where they are thinking that you are trying to get something for free. Maybe in the future leave that out. And people already mentioned this but well check your order.


complain265 - Nurses can make spelling mistakes. Hopefully while working. Don't know if anyone watched Married with Children. Al Bundy was supposed to get a circular incision. But the the nurse made a spelling error (or the episode made fun of doctor's messy writing) anyways because of the error from the nurse passing the message to the doctor. Stubby, umm I mean Al Bundy ended up with a circumicisum(sp).

Now on to the letter. Atleast you got an apology. Some place blame would have blamed you. But how do you know the three people that posted here are sexually frustrated teenagers. You are telling them not to be rude but isn't that rude in your part. Besides if you have children of your own should you not be ignoring sexually frustrated teenagers. We don't know who is posting behind the computer. For all I know you could be another sexually frustrated teenager.

Maybe the manager should have offered something for free. Atleast they apologized. Hopefully they meant it. In the future you might consider leaving the part of getting free food out. Just a hint.


On another note, I did not ask anyone for free food or was trying to get any, I just thought the manager should of offered me something for the inconvenience. And I don't mind someone disagreeing with me, but when my character is personally insulted, that is not just disagreeing with my opinion, that is being rude. I have been called a liar numerous times by saying I am underage,not a nurse and that I do indeed work for McDonald's.I was also insulted by being called someone that was just out for free food.Not too mention that I was called *** for not checking the bag and that I do not know how to spell.This Burger King not only forgot food twice for me,but also friends and coworkers food.So, yes, I have been insulted by others who claim they are only disagreeing with my opinion.Now I guess I learned my lesson, not only to check your food at the drive-thru before you drive away,but proofread what you put on this website to check for errors and expect alot of rude comments when you post a complaint on this website.


wow! I think I have been pleading me case with three sexually frustrated teenage boys here.

My mistake! Maybe all three of you should go out and get girlfriends.


Now I am starting to think that Trevor is correct and you are under 16. You certainly act that way.

If you are going to get sensitive about people's opinions then maybe you should not be posting the letter in the first place. An apology is not good for you, Obviously you have entitlement issues. You may claim you are not after a free meal but I, (and several other people read between the lines. And this is what you are saying between the lines.

(I WANT, I WANT, I WANT). You are the rude one since an apology does not meet your needs. You claim you make enough money and don't need free food. But you want free food.

Do you find everyone that does not agree with you rude. Talk about entitlement.

You have some growing up to do. You think you are better than other because you are a "nurse" but you know what you need to be better educated and realise the world does not revolve around you.


Maybe, you don't realize this. but even nurses mispell words sometimes,especially when they are typing fast.And yes, I do eat at restaurants and eat healthy food,but when you work long hours and have kids, sometimes it is a quick and easy fix, which I do once a week.And yes, I did work at McDonald's years ago while I was working my way through college, which,by the sound of some of these rude,uneducated comments on this site, is what alot of you need to do! And no, I did not go to the manager and ask for a free meal, I just commented that I should of been offered one.I am totally amazed by the rude people that comment on this website and personally attack the people who write the complaints that they don't even know instead of taking constructive feedback on these businesses who should have treat their customers better.


No offence, but I am pretty sure that a register nurse can spell "point". You claimed a relative worked at Mcdonalds, are you sure you are not talking about yourself.

It is nothing to be ashamed of you know.

Also as a nurse why do you eat unhealthy fast food on constant basic. I would think your profession would make you more educated of more healthy food choices.


Trevor has a good point here, you are inplying that you should have gotton a free value meal. If you are lying when the facts are in your letter then perhaps you are lying about being a nurse.

Even if you were a registered nurse and make plenty of money that does not mean that you scam. There are high income lawyers that scam others. Infact there are even millionaires that would be looking for freebies, so your " I am a registered nurse and make plenty of money" does not hold water, it does not prove that you are not out for freebies. Learn from your mistake and check the bag.

I have a feeling that you ate the food and claimed you never got it in the first place. Why else would you not check the bag before leaving.


I would like to point out your lie in point number two. You claimed that you never asked for a free meal. This is your direct quote.

".I should of gotten a free value meal or something for my inconvience. An apology just doesn't cut it for the inconvenience this Burger King puts it's customers thru by forgetting their food."

That is a direct quote from your letter. You are implying that you should have gotton something free for your inconvience. Why not act your age and check the bag before leaving, especially since this happens everytime. True you should not have to check the bag, but anyone with half a brain would know that if they made a mistake of leaving your food out several times that to prevent this from happening in the fuure that they should check their bag BEFORE they get home. Checking after just makes you look less honest.


I would like to pont some things out:

1.Yes, I am old enough to drive and work 10 hours a day at a hospital as a Register Nurse,so I make plenty of money and am not looking for a free meal.

2.I never asked them for a free meal, but I doubt they would give me one if I asked.

3.My relatives no longer work at McDonalds so it doesn't do my family any good to promote McDonalds or Burger King and yes,I know now to check before I drive off,but don't think a customer should have to because they shouldn't be making these mistakes.


1.Yes, I am old enough to drive and work 10 hours a day at a hospital as a Register Nurse,so I make plenty of money and am not looking for a free meal.

Yet you beg every restaurant for free food, you beg every store for gift cards.

You make mistakes yourself. You pretend to be a nurse who is perfect.


Why are you so incompentent that you can't check your bag before leaving especially since they always forget to put your food in your bag. Are you even old enough to drive or are you "borrowing" your parent's car.

Seriously anyone that is old enough to drive would figure out that if you were stiffed by Burger King more than once that you should check the food before leaving. You mentioned that you have a family member that works at Mcdonalds. Did they put you up to this. Did they ask you to make a complaint about their competitor to make them look bad so Mcdonalds gets more service.

Or are you just looking for a free meal. The fact that you ask for a free meal makes you look either suspicious or ***. Suspicious because you are asking for the free meal after you take the order home. Which could mean one thing.

That you took the order home it was correct but are lying just to get a free meal.

*** because you claimed to notice that several times they forgot something and you don't bother looking. Why not go to Mcdonalds were your relative works so you don't have to worry about this.


im sorry to say it but that is the cost of fast food. when you go to a nice sit down place it is the wait staffs job to make shure everything is right but at fast food it is the consumers job (you pay less your gunna get *** service)

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