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My local Burger King forgets to give you your food you paid for! This has happened more than once when I went thru the drive-thru.

I ordered and paid for my food, only to get home to find items missing. It *** me off since I have to get back in my car and return to the Burger King to get what I paid for.I talked to the manager,only for her to apologize and say it happens sometimes. But why does it happen? Why are these employees so incompentent not put a customer's food in the bag?

Why can't they check before a person drives off and make sure they have what they ordered? This is what they do at McDonalds. I know since I have family member who worked at McDonalds and that is what they do.I have never had any items missing from my order from a McDonald's drive-thru,yet it happens all the time at Burger King. Doesn't Burger King realize what a huge inconvience this is for the customers,to go home,and find out some of their food is missing and to have to waste time and gas,which at almost $4.00 a gallon,isn't cheap anymore.I should of gotten a free value meal or something for my inconvience.

An apology just doesn't cut it for the inconvenience this Burger King puts it's customers thru by forgetting their food. At least I learned my lesson, now I check to make sure I have everything I ordered before I drive away.

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I am not insulted that you don't want to be a skanky *** for me. Infact I am pleased.

I know that you know that you won't get a lot of jobs based on how ugly you look and your weight. However I will be nice to you and keep my offer. When you lose some weight(I heard Weight Watchers is a good program and when you get plastic surgery on your face you can become one of my girls till then stay at home so you don't scare the children.

You can come out at Halloween if you want because people expect you to wear a scary mask. They will probably think you have a mask on and not be scared of you anyways.



I have a lot to say to a lot of people, so let me start with you. First of all you can keep denying that you did not make certain posts but we all know that you did. We are not ***, we were not born yesterday. You made that post that was rude to your friends and instead of admiting you made a mistake you deny it. If you did not make the post and are telling the truth than you need to be more careful with your password, which makes me to come to the same conclusion as before, You are just a 11 year old kid using her parents computer.

Let's say that you are an adult like you claim. Well I have read your Auntie Anne's post it said that your daughter was visiting her father. Why are you guys broken up. Is it because you keep bragging about how much money you make. Is that why. Do you make it a habit to tell everyone how much money you make. You said your daughter is older than six. I bet she is embarassed to have you for a mother. I bet she would rather live solely with her father than you. Hopefully the father has full custody of your daughter and you are barred from seeing her because you are teaching her poor values. You may make a lot of money but you are one greedy *** You want more. That is why you have to stoop to begging Burger King for free meals. Maybe the Burger King manager is right and you are hurting your child to get a free meal. You are lucky he did not call the police on you. I am not Burger King manager, perhaps you are infact yourself Burger King manager. Perhaps you yourself added that post to have more attention to your letter.

Anyway whether you are BK manager or not, your daughter should not be with you. You are a poor role model and it is a shame that you are teaching your bad habits to your daughter and your son Richard. Both children should be taken away from you before they turn out to be like you. A rich snob who has to beg for free food.


Brett no one likes you you know that right.


Brett no one likes you you know that right.


Shut up Brett and leave complain alone and stop swaring at her.


After reading some of the other "posts" I realised that someone was pretending to be you. I suspected that when Brett "accidently" or accidently posted a comment on Pitt's behalf.


I know I said I was done posting comments, but after I read some of the previous comments, I saw one that got me confused. I did not write comment number 26 even though it says it was written by complain265 and did a great job of sticking up for my case. So I guess I had an imposter pretending like they were me.

So to mafiagodfather and Pitt185, I appreciate your support on this and in no way did I write comment number 26.


One more thing I forgot to mention, besides this last time where they forgot part of my order and had it sitting on the counter in another bag is the most recent incident that this has happened.The only other time it has happened was months earlier than this incident and during this incident, I did nothing about it and took the loss. I was busy on my way to work to work a double shift and was too busy and tired to even mention it.Only when I mentioned this last incident at work where my partial order was sitting on the counter, is when a few coworker said that they had this happen to them and not only this Burger King but a few other locations.

Also, Burger King manager, it wasn't a burger that was the forgotten food. So that just proves how you are not the manager at this Burger King and are a fake.

Like I previously mentioned here, I have returned to this Burger King, and not only have I haven't had any problems,but the managers have treated my nicely and I have done the same. Also, the very few times I do eat inside these places, I always throw out my trash and clean my table.I used to work at these places so I know it is not a fun job,especially to have to clean up after messy customers.

Now I made my points,I am finished making posts on this complaint.


To mafiagodfather,

Thanks for making the most common sense from anyone that has made comments to my complaint. I wish would remove this complaint I made due to the unappropriate comments being made.You probably right,the Burger King manager is probably Brett or someone just trying to get attention. I seriously doubt that the Burger King Corporation would go to all that trouble to find out who posted this complaint on this website,especially since I did not personally call them to complain and they don't even accept emails on their website for complaints.If he was a Burger King manager,he would of posted the location of his restaurant and if he would of seen someone in his restaurant slapping a child and was indeed the manager, he would of called the police.

After giving this some thought last night, and thinking about the incident where they forget part of my order, I came to realize that when I came back thru the drive-thru, my partial order that they did not give me was sitting on the counter in another bag.So they knew that this food was forgotten and that I was not making up a story.When I came home and realized that something from my order was missing, I immediately returned to the Burger King and told them. They acknowledged that it was left there and my partial order was sitting on the counter in another bag.I then told them that they need to be more careful and that it inconvenienced me to return on behalf of their mistake. I in no way ,shape or form,mentioned to the manager that I was intitled to a free value meal or anything free for that matter. Only when I posted my complaint on this website,that I mentioned in my complaint that maybe they should of given me a free value meal for my inconvenience.I never asked any Burger King employee for something free and I never received anything free,including a coupon.

Now that I made my point, I am finished making posts on this complaint because I feel I am dealing with immature pre-teen not much older than my daughter.


I am with you on this one, and from some of the replies others are as well. I just can't believe that two simple letters you wrote turned into a discussion about how you should raise your child/children. I also can't believe that a customer complaint turned into discussions that you would find in "Playboy Magazine." I don't know how old your daughter is but I can bet that some of these people that are giving you parenting advice are the same age as your daughter or not much older.


I very much doubt that it is a real Burger King Manager. I think it is possibly Brett. I wish that you can delete this post too because these teens(and I can safely assume they are teens now because they admitted being 14-15) are getting out of hand. Well Brett is anyways. But don't let a bunch of undisciplined teens get to you. I could be wrong but I think that "Burger King Manager" is Brett. Ofcourse it could also just be another wise guy wanting attention to his posts, or a real Burger King manager that has a problem with one of his customer. I hope I am wrong on that one.

Brett I am not sayng that you made that post, and I know I said that I would ignore you from now on. However if you made this post, or if anyone else made this post you should be ashamed of yourself, because Child abuse is terrible and a serious issue. If this post is from a actual Burger King Manager then well hopefully that child will get help. However I doubt very much that a Burger King manager actually made this post and the fact that there is no location as to where this "manager" works proves it could be a false post.

Complain265 don't let an undisciplined teen with an overactive imagination get to you.


:cry I also wanted to tell everyone that I cannot believe the personal attacks I have gotten on this website from posting a complaint about Burger King Forgetting Food. And worst yet, from people that don't even know me!

I cannot believe how mean people can be and how they jump to conclusions about a person who they have never met before, especially from a young,confused kid and a Burger King Manager who compares someone that came into his restaurant to me. I can bet that his Burger King is in another part of the country than mine, yet he assumes just because I complained once about not receiving my food,that I am some *** woman that came into his store and caused alot of problems. Amazing! I wish I could remove this complaint off of this site, but it cannot be removed.

It just shocks and amazes me how people like to personally attack someone they don't even know!

You should all be ashamed of yourselves! :sigh


:? To Burger King Manager,

I also wanted to point out again that maybe you did not read my comments very closely.

First of all, I am a Registered Nurse, so why would I come to your restaurant with my kid and try to get a free burger? Do you know how much money nurses make?? About 3 times your salary. I don't know how you could possibly think that I am the same person as the one that caused problems in your restaurant just because I complained on this site once about not receiving my food.

Apparently,this must happen often in different Burger King restaurants around the country. Fortunately,the Burger King I go to has gotten their act together and this hasn't happened since.Also, I am a well-respected member of my church,so the swearing and slapping my child,not to mention lying for free food and using my child to get it does not fit my profile. Maybe you should double check your information first before jumping to conclusions and comparing two different people.

I noticed you do not mention which Burger King is yours and what location you are in, I wonder why? Maybe because you are making this up or just don't have any accurate information on my case or the rude customer that came to your restaurant.


To the Burger King Manager,

I commend you for such a wonderful story!! But guess what??

The woman in your story is not me!!!My daughter is alot older than 6 and I don't slap my kid. I never claimed I did not get a burger or demanded a free value meal. Also I never go a coupon for a buy one get on free meal.

I very rarely come in to the restaurant,and never with a friend. I have never been asked not to return to this Burger King and the few times I have returned since, I have not had any problems, in fact the managers and I are on friendly terms so I am happy they don't know about my complain on this website since I haven't had any problems since and always check my bag before leaving the drive-thru.So before you jump to conclusions, maybe you should get your information straightened out, because you sure don't have the correct person!


I am the manager of this particular Burger King and I would like to tell my side of the story.

First of all I would like to apologize for not replying right away as this letter just came to my attention. There was no location as to which Burger King she was referring to so after research Burger King Incorp narrowed it down to mine.

I have been reading all the replies and I know who wrote this letter. I would like to point some things out from our point of view.

This particular woman has been claiming that we forgot something from hr order for quite a while now. Infact the first time this has happened was over a year ago. She had went through the drive-thru one night. She came back the next morning saying we forgot her burger. She explained to me that she had to put her child to bed and after that whe was too tired to come back to get her order fixed. I apologized and gave her a coupon for "buy one meal get one free." The coupon had expired but I told her that I would honor it anyways and to just to ask for me the next time she was in. She told me that she did not think it was fair that she should have to pay for one meal to get another meal for free so I asked her if she was wanting to order now. She said yes, and I gave her a meal on the house.

The next day she came back with a friend and presented me with the coupon. She was told it was expired. She demanded to see me. I had told her that I had already given her a free meal and would not accept the coupon. She told me that I had promised her that I would accept the coupon and because I did not ask her to return the coupon or tell her it would not be valid her that she had no idea that I would disallow the coupon. I gave in thinking this was the last time I would here from her. She was very angry when she left and said she would not be back. Her friend was the one that paid for the whole meal and she was the one to get it for free.

She did come back. At first I did not reconogize her. Then she told the same story about going through the drive-thru and them forgetting her burger, and desert that she had ordered for her daughter. When she told me the same story about her putting her child to bed and being too tired to come back I reconogized it was her. She told me that for her inconvience she should have gotton a free value meal. I apologized to her and she demanded a free meal. I told her I could not do that.

At this time I had a strong feeling that she was just doing this to get something for free. I howvever told my drive-thru employees to be more careful about getting people's order's correct as we have gotton many complaints. Mostly we only get complaints from her.

Anyways at one time my strong feeling of her only doing this was for free food was confirmed. She bought her daugher in to the restaurant at this point. The daughter must have been six years old. The mother claimed that she forgot her burger and the child's apple pie. The daughter (not knowing what the mother was up to) said "mommy I did get the pie remember I ated it. Remember you ated your sandwich.(she was only six and used the term ated). Anyways the daughter simply thought the mother had forgotton about the pie and hamburger. However when the daughter spoke out the mother slapped her across the face and told me that she was thinking of another time. She left the restaurant angry. Later another customer had complained that I should have called the police because on her way to the car the mother was swearing at her daughter and calling her names like *** and *** telling her to not interrupt when adults were talking.

This was not the first time she lost her temper. Sometimes she comes to the dine-in. She never cleans up after herself. At one point a new employee (been with us for one month) asked her very politely to please throw her trash out. She started yelling and swearing at him. She told him he was paid to do that and threw the wrappers at him. I asked her to leave the restaurant as she was upsetting my other customers. She refused. At this point her daughter started crying. She then grabbed her daughter's shoulder's shoulders and started shaking her telling her to keep quiet or she would give her something worth crying over. She told me she would not leave until I gave her a free value meal. I told her that she had two choices she either leaves quietly or I call the police and they will escort her out. She left quietly. I told her I did not want her business anymore, I a have not seen her since. This happened in mid_June. That was the last time I saw her.


I don't know what is worse, Brett's posts or the people that believe him. I for one don't.

I doubt any girl would do the things that you mentioned with the way you treat the women on site. If you treat them like that in real life than well they won't be interested in you. I have read some of your other posts and your "letters" to Wal-mart and I can tell very much that you're posting just to get attention.

As for others they can judge for themselves by reading Brett's "Wal-Mart won't let me return Blender because I am not good" post and the "What kind of pet department do you have post." Your letters along with your posts are vile, racist and inapporpriate. Don't your parents monitor you online.


Mafiagodfather, thanks for all your intelligent comments. I wish there were more men like you in the world.

Complain265, I don't blame you for ignoring this website and no longer posting comments.What turned out to be a complaint about a fast food company turned in to a discussion with a very troubled youth that needs counseling.

And to Brett, you haven't posted a rude comment on here for awhile yourself,so I guess Papa John is correct in assuming this has caught up with you and you are in juvenille detention center or somewhere worse.


Brett, you are a sad,sad individual to have such values. You are naive to actually think that you can become a pimp.

Do you really think that these young girls are going to line up and perform these sex acts on these dirty, old men and risk disease and jail time, then give you most,part or any of the profits? I am sure they can get work for themselves without your help.Do you think you can just push your way into this business and push other out the door? The few pimps that are on the streets are not willingly going to move over and let some young kid take over their business and profits. They would probably kill you first, so please rethink your lifestyle and do something to change your attitude before it is too late.

I agree with Pitt185, you will probably end up dead in the gutter or rotting in prison if you don't change your attitude,value and education and go to school. I have been reading these comments and you haven't posted anything in awhile, so I guess you are already in juvenille detention or in jail.Maybe that is what you need to open your eyes and see how the world really works.


Pitt, I would just ignore Brett, I have read his posts towards you and other members and well he is just doing it to get attention. (I must agree with you, Brett is one of the rudest kids I have met both online and offline and I work as a police officer for a living, that alone should say something.

I know his posts were reported several times and I am disappointed that the admin of pissedconsumer does not take action and ban him, if not at the least remove his posts.

Brett, I would just like to add one thing before I completely ignore you. You have NO RIGHT to tell a 11 year old about sexual terms. That is up to the parents to decide.

Even if they ask you have no right to tell them. I have a ten year old son and would not be too happy if someone told him such things.


To Brett, you are the most pathetic young person I have ever known to chat with. How sad that you value sex so much and that you want to be a pimp!

Has anyone ever told you that being a pimp or *** is illegal?? Do you want to spent the rest of your life in jail, since I can guarantee, unless you change your attitude that is where you will end up. Do you really think that I or others adults on this website are that *** to want to join you? We have our own lives and familes we value more than your phoney values.You sure are a mix-up kid.And you are bragging that you,at such a young age fathered these children.

Have you ever thought that these children are your responsibility also and not just the mothers? There is such a thing as paternity tests you know.Please change your life and attitude know before you end up rotting in the gutter or in prison, or dead. Being a pimp is also dangerous and being on the streets is not a fun lifestyle of all glamour,sex and money.When is the last time you went to a doctor or clinic, because I am sure you probably are infected with Aids or another STD. Have you ever thought of giving your life to Jesus Christ?

Maybe you should. I feel bad for your parents, but they sure didn't teach you anything about life or any values.Please change now before you end up in prison, the gutter or dead at a young age.

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