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My local Burger King forgets to give you your food you paid for! This has happened more than once when I went thru the drive-thru.

I ordered and paid for my food, only to get home to find items missing. It *** me off since I have to get back in my car and return to the Burger King to get what I paid for.I talked to the manager,only for her to apologize and say it happens sometimes. But why does it happen? Why are these employees so incompentent not put a customer's food in the bag?

Why can't they check before a person drives off and make sure they have what they ordered? This is what they do at McDonalds. I know since I have family member who worked at McDonalds and that is what they do.I have never had any items missing from my order from a McDonald's drive-thru,yet it happens all the time at Burger King. Doesn't Burger King realize what a huge inconvience this is for the customers,to go home,and find out some of their food is missing and to have to waste time and gas,which at almost $4.00 a gallon,isn't cheap anymore.I should of gotten a free value meal or something for my inconvience.

An apology just doesn't cut it for the inconvenience this Burger King puts it's customers thru by forgetting their food. At least I learned my lesson, now I check to make sure I have everything I ordered before I drive away.

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Oh, BTW complain265, I have already spent time in Juvenile Hall. Six months to be exact.

It is not as bad as you think. They have classes. They also have computer labs for homework.

It is sort of like a jail in a school setting. They do have anger management councelling but their techniques don't work when I have to deal with bad parents like you.


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Complain265, if you can't take the heat get the *** off this site. You can't tell me to shut up.

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Richard is not mature than me. If he were he would not be telling me that no one likes me or making tons of spelling and grammar mistakes.


:? When I wrote these complaints, I thought this was a consumer website that allows a consumer to tell people about their experience, good or bad, with a company.

I thought this is a website for consumers, not against consumers, yet I have been constantly bashed for my complaint about receiving bad service and many on this site are sticking up for the companies who had terrible service and cheat their customers. I have also been judged on my character,child rearing and called every insult you can think of. This has also been a forum for a immature trouble teen that has psychological problems. I wonder why this is allowed on this site and who monitors these comments.

I have reported these unappropriate comments numerous times and nothing has been done and they are still posted. It just shows you what kind of people must run this website.


You could be right about the abuse Pitt, that is another sad possibility.


Brett has serious issues. Brett if you are reading this, why don't you go to the school guidance counselor when you go back to school and get some help.

It seems to me that your parents don't know what you are up to or like mafiagodfather said, they just don't care what you do, but you have serious issues and you need a child psychologist or psychiatrist.

Please get help now! I think you may have been abused by your parents and/or seriously neglected then and/or now and need professional help.


Complain like Robert and I have said before, we are disappointed in how the moderators are handling the case with Brett. There is a section where it says that you can report someone's post if it is unsuitable.

You and I have both reported the post back in May, and I am sure that Pitt and Robert have as well. With four reports on the same post I am disappointed that the moderators have not deleted them. Frankly, the way I see it is if they are not going to remove post's like Brett's why add an option to report the posts, why not take it off since they don't seem to care that this once friendly site is taken over by a messed up teen with issues.

Perhaps you are wrong about Brett's parents being embarassed by his behaviour, perhaps they don't care about how he behaves. I have seen these too many "Brett's" whose parents don't discipline them, who let the children do what they want.

What Brett's parents need to so is monitor his son's online activities. He is 15 years old and I know parents that monitor their children online at that age even (including myself).

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Robert Evans

Are you even allowed to be on a computer. The last time I checked pedophiles are not allowed to have internet access because they use the internet to prey on children.

You may think badly of me but being a *** is much worse.

By the Way the BJ letter to Wal*mart is correct as it happened. I still have the blender.

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