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My local Burger King forgets to give you your food you paid for! This has happened more than once when I went thru the drive-thru.

I ordered and paid for my food, only to get home to find items missing. It *** me off since I have to get back in my car and return to the Burger King to get what I paid for.I talked to the manager,only for her to apologize and say it happens sometimes. But why does it happen? Why are these employees so incompentent not put a customer's food in the bag?

Why can't they check before a person drives off and make sure they have what they ordered? This is what they do at McDonalds. I know since I have family member who worked at McDonalds and that is what they do.I have never had any items missing from my order from a McDonald's drive-thru,yet it happens all the time at Burger King. Doesn't Burger King realize what a huge inconvience this is for the customers,to go home,and find out some of their food is missing and to have to waste time and gas,which at almost $4.00 a gallon,isn't cheap anymore.I should of gotten a free value meal or something for my inconvience.

An apology just doesn't cut it for the inconvenience this Burger King puts it's customers thru by forgetting their food. At least I learned my lesson, now I check to make sure I have everything I ordered before I drive away.

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Thank you for making intelligent comments. Yes, you are correct, I did do anything wrong here besides commenting in my complaint that maybe I should of been offered a free value meal.

I did not personally ask any employee at Burger King for anything free nor received anything for free. And you are right in assumming I did not write those rude comments. There is at least one imposter making posts under my name and the recent proof is a complain about Pizza Hut that I did not make. I did not go to Pizza Hut, and if I did, I would not demand going in there and expect preferred treatment and getted waited on ahead of everyone else and then demand not to pay for my food.

I am sure if I would of done that, the manager would of called the police.

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:?Consumer Forum is another great place to discuss consumer concerns NOT RELATED to this article.:?

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