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My local Burger King forgets to give you your food you paid for! This has happened more than once when I went thru the drive-thru.

I ordered and paid for my food, only to get home to find items missing. It *** me off since I have to get back in my car and return to the Burger King to get what I paid for.I talked to the manager,only for her to apologize and say it happens sometimes. But why does it happen? Why are these employees so incompentent not put a customer's food in the bag?

Why can't they check before a person drives off and make sure they have what they ordered? This is what they do at McDonalds. I know since I have family member who worked at McDonalds and that is what they do.I have never had any items missing from my order from a McDonald's drive-thru,yet it happens all the time at Burger King. Doesn't Burger King realize what a huge inconvience this is for the customers,to go home,and find out some of their food is missing and to have to waste time and gas,which at almost $4.00 a gallon,isn't cheap anymore.I should of gotten a free value meal or something for my inconvience.

An apology just doesn't cut it for the inconvenience this Burger King puts it's customers thru by forgetting their food. At least I learned my lesson, now I check to make sure I have everything I ordered before I drive away.

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being a registered nurse does not make you better than everyone.


For someone who supposedly makes money you sure do beg for free food. Not only that you call everyone who disagrees with you sexually frustrated teens.

You seem frustrated, could it be because of your divorce?

You also have other reviews where you have admitted to abusing your children. Hope your husband finds out and takes action.


I agree with the other posters if you really made as much money as you claim you would not need to suggest you get free food. You do this everywhere.

You say you don't but look at all you reviews. You even brag about abusing your children.


"1.Yes, I am old enough to drive and work 10 hours a day at a hospital as a Register Nurse,so I make plenty of money and am not looking for a free meal. "

Apparently you are.

".I should of gotten a free value meal or something for my inconvience."

I would think a registered nurse would know how to spell inconvenience and many other words you misspelled. Just BS to make yourself seem better than us when you are no better than us.


You are not a registered nurse. A registered nurse does not need to beg for food.

They make healthy choices. BS>


I also have problems with Burger King not getting orders right. At one time, as many as 8 out of 10 orders were wrong (yes, my grandson eats a lot of double stackers with no sauce, add lettuce).

I have complained to the manager on multiple occasions. I have been offered free food, the exchange the order for one prepared as ordered, and a myriad of other appeasements. I finally told him that as a manager, what he should be telling customers is "I'm sorry this happened. I will make sure it doesn't happen again." That is how you manage.

Their people do not listen when you order. When I asked the person taking the order if they had a script to read instead of just taking the order I presented, I was told that they ask questions based on the order of the buttons on the cash register. DUH!

All they really need to do is listen and not interrupt the customer when an order is being placed. As a customer, I have enough sense to say "I'd like a number 1 combo, no cheese, no pickles, medium with sprite to drink." The question becomes do they have enough sense to accurately record the order.


This is also the same person who begs for free food and giftcards. She probably spends all her money on drugs.

In one Wendy's restaruant she was using her free coupons and demanded more because the service was not good to her standards. In another complaint she wanted a coupon because she was served by a black person.


Is this the same person who held up a line because she did not get a discount. She has entitlement issues.

Honestly you would think if she made as much money as she did she would not be begging for free food.

They did apologize, however she demands free food. Why is it that the well off people are the most greedy.


uh yeah...

always check your order before you drive away...


This person is no nurse, just someone who needs to use food stamps and is too embarassed to apply for them.


Unfortunately it is these people who are well off who are most stingy and greedy. It make regular working class people's lives harder. Honestly if she makes that much money she should hire a cook.


Do you have a job, I am sure you do not always preform 100 percent perfect, everyone makes mistakes. They apologized to you what more do you want.

If this happened more than once why not check your order. You got an apology. I have a feeling that this is just written to get something for free.

Kind of makes the site look bad. True they should check, but so should you before going home.


Why are you always demanding free food? Get food stamps Miss Not a Registered Nurse.


Why are you always demanding free food? Get food stamps Miss Not a Registered Nurse.


Brett, I never said that those ten year olds were more mature than you. I guess you are seeing things.

You should get help for that. It is not good to see things that are not there.


See complain265 even Bartsimpsoniscute thinks you are less mature than a nine and ten year old that posted. Even she thinks that they have better social skills than you and that is saying something considering they are retards that should be killed so there are better people alive.

I should be in school now Pitt and I would take your advice but they suspended me for beating the *** out of a ninth grader. Oh I am 16 now and will be driving, though I have already been driving some of you crazy, and I "borrowed" my parents car.


Like I said in your step brother's other letter get the *** off this site. The same goes for you.

Since you are older perhaps you can lead him off the site. Someone should shot you in the head and kill you both because you are not listening to me.


Laura you are right. She did write many letters and in all of them she claims that she is better than everyone else because she is a registreed nurse and makes tons of money.

If you do not agree with her she puts you down, calls you names ect. She is a complete loony when it comes to treating people with respect.


Yes, gas is expensive, but surely you a registered nurse can afford it, I mean after all you make two times or even three times as much as managers at Wal-Mart, Burger King, Pizza Hut ect. This letter has 121 replies.

Well 122 with mine. I am not even going to bother reading the all 121 replies because I can bet you were just as rude to people as you are in your letters to Taco Bell, Wal-Mart, Subway ect. Telling them they are a bunch of jealous sexually frustrated preteens. Seriously grow up.

When you want to brag about the money you make you act like you are the richest woman in the world but yet when you want money from someone you don't have enough. You are nothing but a rich snob. Yes you can call me jealous, you can call me a sexualy frustrated ***, you can even call me a walfare case as you did to someone in your wal-mart letter but you know what I don't care. Do you even like your job.

People can make much less than you and find their job more rewarding. I have come across atleast five complaints from you and most of them brag that you make more money than the manager, and employees and that you are educated.

I can tell you one thing you are not educated in and that is in proper manners. I guess the money you make makes you excempt from being polite to those less fortunate than you.


Like I said in the insults you wrote in my step brother's letter Brett, why don't you chug down a bottle of Asprain with a bottle of bleach.