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Manager of another BK gave me another Whopper for free. I had to fill out some paperwork for him to do this.

Original review posted by user Sep 07, 2019

Frequented a Burger King Store No. 3929 this evening and I asked for a $5.

whopper meal. Asked that the Whopper NOT have mayo but please put mustard. So, a regular burger with mustard, not mayo. Well, I got my burger and took several bites before I realized it had mayo, not mustard.

Returned it to the counter, and reminded the crew member that I wanted a sandwich with mustard. She said Oh yeah. Well, returned to my seat and another employee brought my half eaten sandwich back to me with a cup of mustard. I could not believe this.

They would not make me a new Whopper. I walked out pissed off. I went to another Burger King across town on Ribaut Road with my receipt and they made me a new burger. They said I should have saved the half eaten sandwich.

That is gross, the thing was old and soggy to begin with. I will NEVER return to this Burger King. NEVER! It is old and run down and filthy.

No renovation for the last 25 years. It has been there as long as I have lived in Beaufort, SC. The other BK also needs renovation. A facelift.

Sorry BK, McDonalds has you beat at every step. They would have gladly replaced the mistake.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Problem was solved by manager (Greg) of another BK. .

Burger King Pros: When they used to have good hamburgers years ago.

Burger King Cons: That they serve you cold whoppers, Price, Service.

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You tried to scam them. Funny how you ate more than half the sandwich before you noticed it had mayo on it.

You basically not only got a free whopper out of this and a replacement, so why complain? You don't want to even fill up paper work for your free whopper.

What a tool you are. You must have wanted tht whopper so badly for free that you were forced to fill out paperwork.


What do you mean they "tried to scam them" ? They did scam them, because they got their free Whopper after they filled out the required paperwork.

And as for them not being able to tell that they had eaten half of the Whopper without realizing that it had mayo on it, I'll have youy know that one day I went to McDonalds and got two Buttermilk chicken samwitches with a buy one get one free coupon. I ordered them with "no mayonaisse" and like a fool I went and started eating them without lifting up the bun first to check, to see if they had followed my very simple instructions. I had eaten three fourths of my samwitch before I realized that it had mayo on it. The second samwitch that I opened up, I took some napkins and wiped the huge amount of mayo off of it and ate it anyway, because the McDonalds was very very busy and I didn't feel like going back up to complain.

I was very very hungry and had hurriedly started eating my first samwitch before I realized that it was wet with all that mayo, yet I had already eaten three fourths of it, and just wiped away the mayo before finishing.I remember thinking "I HOPE THAT I JUST DIDN'T GET THROUGH EATING SOMEBODY'S NUT!" after I horridly realized that I had eaten most of my first samwitch with all of the mayo on it. Hopefully, it was 100% mayo without any added "extra special ingredients".


You should have known better than to expect the dummies working at Booger King to be able to follow very simple instructions like the ones that you gave them. And the way that they brought back your partly eaten Whopper to you with a cup of mustard shows you exactly what they thought of you and that they didn't respect you one bit. I would have thrown it at them, if it had been me.


You call them dummies, but yet your grammar is no better than a fourth graders.


They are the King of Boogers.


I'd like to see your face. All of your comments on these sites are calling people liars and saying that they are stupid and have bad grammar, but I wonder who it is that you are.

I picture you as being a mean battle axe type woman who serves up slop at the Salvation Army soup kitchen.

Too homely to find a man, you probably are single and have nothing better to do with your time than to troll through all of these pissed off consumer websites making mean comments to people. Not very lady like if you ask me.


And customers like you have nothing better to do than to start something with the employees or managers and look for something for free. Someone needs to teach you and educate you that just because someone is commenting does not mean that they are for the store or the company.

They are calling you out for the way you're acting. It's so clear that you're lying and fabricating details with the way you're responding to people.

I'm pretty sure the employees and manager story is a lot more different. Let's hear from those employees and managers!




Lady like? How about grow up and grow a pair.

It looks like the only thing you're good at is being a jerk to employees and managers. Maybe it is time for you to not be served!


If anybody is dumb. It is customers like you that don't understand mistakes happens.

And you're going to act like a jerk over something that is able to be fixed. Nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. Your parents should of taught you and educated you onto that!

It's such a shame people like you are acting like children when you're are a adult! Now would be a good time for you to act like a adult.

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