Chicago, Illinois
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I recently did pavement work for 14 burger king locations owned and managed by Spence Group Services a division of the spence family burger king chain. The work done was all above industry standard. I even did an additional $5600 worth of work for free in effort to establish a long term relationship with the customer. When it was time to get paid the nightmare started.

Once it was clear payment would be a problem I had the facilities inspected by industry professionals who all gave the work and materials used excellent ratings. Ialso started gathering information from previous contractors who had worked for them in the past, all of which have been jerked around and screwed by them. Fair warning to all contractors, do not do any work for Spence Group Services DBA Burger King. They will steal the food from your families table.

We are filing liens and plan on foreclosing on the proerties all of which will cost us additional money not like we are not out enough already. BEWARE

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Unfortunantely, This Company no longer operates the BK's in question, Current company pays contractors per terms of contract.