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First things first we get there and we see your offering the game piece thing for a large meal so I order two of them we get our drink cups and we go to go get our drinks and instead of them informing us they have no carbonation for there soda they wait until after we pay for it and figure out there is none! Secondly I ordered a large fry for both meals they shoved all the fries in the box for the chicken and then put mine in a what I assume to be a medium fry or I don't know what size box but it was not large!

Thirdly, the whole reason I got a large wad to get four game pieces instead I got zero not a one! There was no game pieces on the large drink and no game pieces on my supposed large fry and I didn't even get a fry container for the chicken meal, my whopper was dry I had to ask for more mayo and instead of them doing it everyone had to give me this dirty look because I don't Like your mayo packets I wanted it directly from the line! I am completely disappointed I didn't get my game pieces couldn't get the soda I wanted and no I hate tea so that wasn't an option all they had was tea and hi-c which has red dye #5 and I'm pregnant and not supposed to drink that false advertising was in play why offer a game piece on selected items and not get it. I will not bring going back there anytime soon I don't care if it is the only one on this side of town!

Not to mention half of the workers there looked like ghetto *** and had an attitude problem! San Antonio Tx store number15743 off new bruanfuls and Hwy 35!

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Chicken Nuggets.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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If you don't like it, don't go... The End of everyones problems...

No more bad food, bad service, and bad customers. Amazing how that works.

Never understood why people continue to anger themselves by returning to bad restaurants. Geez...


BKWokerfu since you probably work for a fast food place and ate a lazing *** who would rather work at BK then get a real job I say your the one who probably goes home to the trailer park :D secondly I live in a house! I am multicultural and I'm not racist, so don't try to pull that *** you arrogant pile of dog *** They were gold tooth weave wearing rude black girls.

And they don't even have to be black yo be ghetto I have seen white and Mexican girls do it to ghetto is not a race dumb *** it's an attitude that needs to be dropped! And sadly a whopper wouldn't fit in my *** and I wouldn't want to waste money on something that's exactly or even worse than my ***! And if you had actually taken the time to read my comments you would noticed I said it was bad managing!!!

So *** the bk kings nuts since your obviously all over them! Have a wonderful day :D


Yeah, people come into shifts ran by *** managers, most of the time we have no clue what were out of, whats working and isnt. Corporate will not pay a DIME to fix ANYTHING.

It's not the employees fault that the stores are managed and ran by idiots. So the next time you want to call someone a ghetto *** ***, why dont you just cram a whopper in your fat racist mouth and go back home to the trailor park.


StarlightRiku, I have tried to write and call the BK home office myself to no avail. They are evil.


LOL your response is simply arrogant and is completely at the level of worth you are at, if I was such a *** to them I would have made a scene which I did not in fact I left and haven't been back oh but I did report them to not only the corporate office but on there survey, they got the ratings they deserve and it's not just me who thought there horrible because most of the people would wheather eat at McDonald's the eat there!!

David thank you for the congrats and yes all I wanted was sprite ha!!


no MsLea, you fat pig, people in New Jersey are not *** you see, a state is a piece of land. it's not alive, you dumb *** so what I'm trying to get is there's *** people from every state.

like for an example, you're the biggest pile of *** that's from Arkansas. get a life and a husband that's not part of your fake fantasy world.


Oops! I'm sorry StarightRiku, I posted that last comment on the wrong thread. Sorry


This *** is from New Jersey, that figures. People from New Jersey are world class slimeballs.


Was there any reference to simply asking for the money back on the drink? Not that it would be convenient to you, but certain create an inconvenience to the BK staff or Manager and create a rift that they might take time to change out the carbo in the drink machine).

Just an option, of course. Congrats and best of health for your baby. the "caramel" coloring (ammonia based) in the soda's probably aren't the best thing for kids as well. Hope you're going for Sprite and anything caffeine free.


I agree this BK game was disorganized. Some stores had game-stickers on the plastic large cups, some stored had them on the medium cups. They quickly ran out of Large Fry pod stickers early.

It was just a mess. I'd be surprised if anyone won any of the big prizes.


Oh come on MrsLea - these workers work 10 times harder then those pathetic supervisors at Wal-Mart's Home Office. Oh - tell your husband that the toilets in the Home Office visitor's lobby need a good scrubbing, once he's done pretending to be a supervisor.


Wow, you are a *** *** Get over yourself you fat *** and stop harassing the people at burger king. :grin


They were probably Mexican too weren't they?? I would threaten to call immigration services that will get them shaking in their boots...or whatever the spics use for footwear these days.


They did in fact know they were out of carbonation they refused to tell anyone until people went up there and complained I watched as they let about 5more people go and complain an they still rid not tell people no its bad business I have worked at fast food places before you font just run out if carbonation it's bad stocking and bad management to let that just happen, secondly I was never once rude to them not once is before you say I gave them attitude you might want to stop assuming you now me I was very nice when we asked about our soda the fact is that they new and said nothing.

Oh al do tell how I'm classless when all I did was complain that the soda machine they knew was broken and tidbit bother to tell anyone until after they purchased there meal, y'all can stop acting like you wouldn't be pissed to buy a large drink in 100 degree weather just to find out oh our soda machine is not working so you sir are probably the classless one and would let anyone step on you sorry though I prefer not to be the gum on the bottom of someone's shoe, so go be pathetic somewhere else :)


Since you seem to be a classless fool and a ***, no attention should be paid to your ramblings. I am sure Burger King will miss you and your aggrevation. (NOT)!!!!!!!!


Well Star, if that is the kind of attitude you displayed at Burger King, they will more than likely be thankful to never see you again. Just because the girl made the comment that tea would be the best option right now, doesn't mean that they knew they were out of carbonation.

If they did know the tank was empty, maybe the pop.soda company didn't leave enough tanks, and were on call to bring some more. Like I said they could have been out of the boxes with game pieces on them and had them back ordered. The information I used in my first response is the fact that businesses do run out of items.

For you information, I am 72 years old and housebound, so I don't work or eat at Burger King and have never worked there. My opinion is that your Mother should wash your mouth out with soap.


Joan drink a nice tall glass of shut the *** up, no they did not give me a free drink after I nicely explained they have no carbonation instead she said oh yeah tea is the best option right now so Joan they new it was put and said nothing secondly they have me an incorrect fry box that advertised they were playing the game pieces it was bad stocking on there part and there's no excuse Joan so do yourself a favor and stop eating or working for burger king and don't defend a story if your information is incorrect and maybe I wouldn't have been so mad if they had tried to make it right which they didn't so "F" off. Seems like you need to get over your self and stop acting like you know what's going on and you to can suck a nut ! Have a great day Joan!


When it comes to them being out of carbonation at the fountain, the only way they would know that is if a customer complains about it. Then most places offer the customer a free drink after they get a new carbonation tank hooked up to the fountain.

They could have been out of *** game pieces, and had more on order. It sounds to me like you might need an attitude adjustment.