Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This is supposed to be a grilled chicken ceasar salad!!! Lol what a joke they used the same left over slices of tomatoes that they use for the burgers and threw in shredded yellow cheese!!!

Really for $7 i couldve done better on my own at home for half the price! Im a hard working single mother and i spent an hours worth of money and time away from my son at work to spendon this ***?! No croutons, cherry tomatoes, or shaved parmesian like it is supposed to have. Ridiculous!

On top of that they made me wait 10 minutes in the parking lot for them to prepare this mess which was COLD! I had to use my own ranch at my house since they had none! Talk about using and abusing your customers time after time.

Definately will not be going there any time soon! This happened in kenosha wi on 52nd street

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It sounds like the Booger King in F@rt L@uderd@le, Florid@ should be disenfranchised. If they wanna serve up crap like that, they should do it under their own business name, and not drag the fine name of Booger King down into the mud.


That's how they make them,I should know. If you don't like it,go somewhere else,quit whining.


That is one messed up looking salad.